Gender equality for all

It is known that women never had a chance to do anything and everything, just because they are female. they were refered as the weaker sex, while the males can be the leader of the pack, and they can do anything within their reach.

But here’s the thing: men also tend to be agressive and abusive, especially to the females. I am thankful that I am now in the generation wherein females are given the right to dominate, to lead and to exercise our right to live, and to control our life.

While my heart cries for the abused, battered and sexually harassed women, I am thankful that there are now provisions and laws that will guarantee the safety and concern for the women and children, and there are lawmakers who gives justice to all abusers.

One of them is Vice Presidential candidate Leni Robredo.


Leni is the wife of the former DILG secretary Jesse Robredo, and the mother 3 daughters. Before she became a Congresswoman, she’s been working as a pro-bono lawyer in the Bicol region. she founded the Lakas ng Kababaihan ng Naga Federation, an organization that provides training and livelihood opportunities for women.

as a congresswoman, she has helped her fellow Bicolanos, called for reforms in different government sectors and passed the following bills:

  • People empowerment bill
  • Comprehensive anti-discrimination
  • Healthy beverage options
  • Full disclosure policy
  • Participatory Budget Process
  • Freedom of Information


The reason why I’m supporting her candidacy? her humility and heart to serve the people. She is not just the wife of the former secretary and her story is not the same as the former president Cory Aquino. Congresswoman Leni has a clean track record as a lawyer and as a government official. and most of all, she values her family, especially her daughters.

may we consider someone who has a clean heart and mind to serve the nation well, and to vote for someone who can be a big help for all, especially for the women. Do not be blinded by the popularity of those running for the government post. Always look for the track record, the integrity of the aspirant official and their will to serve.

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