Goldilocks’ Polvoron Pouches – The Perfect Package for everyone


Filipino cuisine and culture shines through its rich meals, decadent desserts, and distinctive snacks. Apart from the ubiquitous bibingka, puto, and leche flan, polvoron is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Indeed, the unassuming “powdered candy” has become an unofficial ambassador of Filipino culture abroad, thanks to its carry-on convenience, bite-sized servings, and inimitable taste and texture.

For the past 50 years, Goldilocks Bakeshop has been synonymous with polvoron. Overtime, however, many of the younger generation have come to regard polvoron as simply a pasalubong item, thus missing out on the everyday goodness of the iconic treat. Accordingly, the country’s number one bakeshop has introduced its new Polvoron Pouches!

The Goldilocks Polvoron Pouches gives the enduring snack some much needed flare, while emphasizing the versatility of this delightful goodie. They come in a variety of flavors such as classic, cashew, coffee crumble, ube, cookies & cream, pinipig, peanut, and assorted packages for those who are looking for variety.

Try these timeless treats at your nearest Goldilocks Bakeshop, the gold standard of polvoron in the Philippines!

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