HistoryCon 2017 – now bigger, bolder and better!


HistoryCon – The biggest entertainment convention opened its doors again here in Manila at the World Trade Center last August 10-13, 2017. This is their second year, and it promises to make it bigger, bolder and better!

For Over 300 exhibits are available for everyone to see, added to that is the first-ever “FYI Home & Living Fair” that is also included in the event.

This year’s HistoryCon now offers more collectibles, pop culture items and even cosplay competitions compared to last’s year’s event. Auctions for rare finds can also be seen, and talks and performances from our historians and History Channel hosts is something that one shouldn’t miss!

TV host Paolo Bediones graced the opening of the event, introducing the heads of the History Channel and our guests – the hosts from from the shows from the History Channel!

Joining again this year’s HistoryCon are the folowing: Corey Harrison of Pawn Stars and Jamie Dempsey of Ride n’ Seek. Joining with them are Justin Mott of Photo Face-off, “Horny” Mike Henry of Counting Cars, Danielle Colby of The Pickers, Ryu Lim of Forged in Fire and Phoemela Baranda of Celebrity Car Wars. Tiny House Nation’s Zack Giffin and Destination Flavour’s Adam Liaw also joins the lineup.

HistoryCOn also invited special guests to join their roster – Freestyle basketball dunker Jordan Kilganon, competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi and NASA Astronaut Capt. Barry E. Wilmore.

Here’s a sneak peak on what you missed during HistoryCon:

Cosplayers as Shoguns
Life sized mecha figures
Rare find! Voltes V collectible from the 70’s!
vintage typewriter for auction
Fun fact! the Piloncito is a pre-spanish coin that is a size of a mustard seed. (Thank you Sir Rence for the info!)
1940s-1970s toys
Asin Vinyl! I love the cover! this is also up for auction
Chibi Thor bag! I need this in my life! <3
This is best for flooded areas, no kidding!
Forged in Fire booth
Teks! and the Trump that I like!
Show ’em some vintage love!
X-Men cards, my sister collects this before.
Art and chemistry love! <3
MJ! <3
Hi Tony Stark!

I love how this year’s HistoryCon is more welcoming to everyone because of its series of features that will be enjoyed by everyone! I’m so looking forward to next year’s event, till the next! 😉

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3 thoughts on “HistoryCon 2017 – now bigger, bolder and better!

  1. This looks really fun! I’d love to dress up and go to one of these! Did you dress up? My parents used to own a vinyl record store and my mom had vintage clothes and costumes. I’m sure I could have come up with something cool ????

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