Home is where the heart is

I love homecomings. It celebrates love and unity amidst the trials and hardships by our loved ones who lived far and wide just to make a decent living and to provide us with a much more comfortable life. It is when we embrace them wholeheartedly because of the loneliness that we felt due to their absence.

I know how it feels like not having your loved one with me. I grew up not having my father with me because he’s been working abroad until this day. His sacrifice for us to give us the proper education is outstanding, and I will be forever grateful. That is why it is a joy for us all to celebrate with my Dad whenever he’s here. His stay for 30 days is simply not enough. I can only wish that he will retire soon so can be comfortable, coz really, he deserves it.

Same goes to my relatives and friends who went to different countries just to make a living for their families. Sad to say that is indeed heartbreaking to see them go, but the thought of seeing them again after years of absence is indeed a sweet reward.

Good thing that the internet can be a best friend. Technology has helped us reach to the people abroad, save it for the usual telegram and long distance calls. We can now use our mobile phones to skype or viber our family, friends and loved ones. What a way now to connect with them. But it’s much better to have them here. Nothing more, nothing less.

That is why this homecoming video from Lancris Residences has been a hit for me, for it reminds me of those moments of fetching my Papa to the airport to celebrate the homecoming of our family’s personal hero.  Hope you get to view this lovely video. 🙂

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