It’s the start of the brand new month :)

Hello September!

here in the Philippines, we considered September as the start of the Christmas holidays. You may hear Christmas carols on the radio as early as now, and some stores (mostly in Divisoria) are now setting up their holiday decors for those people who are into super early holiday shopping spree. Choristers are now practicing Christmas songs for their upcoming concerts and competitions, and many more.

How time flies. I never thought that it’ll be months away from the much celebrated holiday season, exactly four months till the year ends. I’ll be also turning a year older by December, just a week before the birth of Christ.

I’ve been planning to have some of the things in my wish list out and accomplished just before reaching in my 30’s, (le gasp!) and im happy that I’ve already done some of those that are listed.

And yes, the plans of getting a new job, going back to school and the choir, college reunions, hangouts with friends needs to be fixed soon!

Pls be good to me September, thank you. 🙂

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