Keep on singing

I went on choral hiatus for almost a year. And after watching MADZ Et Al 2012 with fellow chorister/runner Gelai, I can’t help but to cry before putting myself to sleep.

I admit that I miss the choir, the music that we shared and my fellow choristers. I miss singing my heart out during rehearsals, competitions, concerts and occasional gigs. I miss having a VIP treatment for us artist backstage, the freebies and the opportunities to meet fellow artists and to learn from master artisans. For almost a year on being in the break from choral singing, this is something that I miss the most.

The music itself.

I don’t like going home late in the evening and coming at the office very late in the morning, not having any time to bond with my friends after working hours and not having any time to help with the house chores. But somehow, during those events wherein I feel like I want to just be in my own phase, it is either I run – or I sing.

And I decided to come back to my love.

So let’s keep on singing guys!

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