Lessons on the House Hunting during the pandemic


Last year, we made a decision to move.

After years of living in Tayuman, we ultimately decided to look for another place that we call home. It was really hard for us to live in a place where everything is accessible (walking distance to malls, churches, hospitals, public transportation) but the house itself is deteriorating and the landlady’s giving us a hard time (more than 7% rent increase in less than 2 years as stated in the rent increase law, not giving major repairs to our home for decades and many more that I will mention in my future post) then it is wise and practical for us to move and to look for a place that we can call home.

This is the Tayuman House’s state before we bid adieu for good last year. The stairs itself is in shambles, we cannot go upstairs in our rooms anymore. It’s been like this since last 2019 until we left last October 2020.

We found a house last March 2020 and as most of the furniture and appliances were now transferred, COVID-19 lockdown happened. My siblings and I were stuck in Tayuman while our parents were now in the new home at that time. And while we are having a hard time on the current work from home setup because of the lack of space, light source and security, we can only be thankful for they are now comfy, safe and secure in the new apartment.

We finally said goodbye to our old, childhood home last October 2020. So many memories in this very place where we share our triumphs, tears, challenges – but we remain strong, and so is our home. The house itself stood longer and if not for its sorry state, we wouldn’t be thinking of looking for another place for live in.

Looking back, I am thankful for that experience, and the realization of what we are really looking for in our future home. A place with a natural light source. a place with a balcony like the one that we are having right now, with space for plants and our fur babies. and there’s also a need for us to have a personal space, especially right now that we are on a work-from-home setup. And let’s not forget having a parking space for our family car, so that we will not be bothered by the MMDA for illegal parking.

We are seriously considering buying a house for real so that we will not be bothered anymore by the lack of space, natural light source, parking space and to finally have a personal place to call my own that I can use for work while in the comforts of our own home.

One of the houses that we saw online that we fell in love with, but we prefer being in the city and be near establishments.

We are now eyeing on buying a house that we saw online. Saw a couple and we are currently negotiating on the final price atm, while checking on banks that offers housing loans. there are banks available that offers flexible payment terms for home loans and a breakdown of the payments similar to this one here:

sample calculation of the house (worth 6.5M pesos) that we saw online and its payment schemes, link here:

The breakdown of the payment terms, interest rates and loan payments that is generated from the Mortgage Calculator website is a big help for us in calculating the finances for the home loan.

I think this is the best time to purchase a property for the real estate is hardly hit by the pandemic and property prices are lower than usual. And the mere fact that there’s an urgent need to have the finances ready for property owners who are hit hard by the effects of the pandemic. We can only hope that we will all recover from this pandemic and to get back on our feet again.

I Will share updates on our house hunting for our future Casa Mara* soon!

*Casa Mara – Name of the future home hahaha wouldn’t be great to see your home already and have a name on it? 😀

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