Let the storm pass

… and everything will be ok.

Loot bag from the recently-concluded Run All-Mighty, love the mini Bible! 🙂

Just a few thoughts after the just-concluded Run All-Mighty from The Greentennial Run:

I’ve learned to trust my instincts, and to the people who believed. TheTyphoon Yolanda has scared the sh*t out of me because of the outrageous advisory that it’ll hit hard in Manila early in the morning. I’d even texted Sir Rovic (Greenttenial Run’s Race Director) if the rain will still pushed through despite the scary weather advisory. I’m so glad that the run went through and it went well despite the scary winds that almost toppled me off (and almost killed me, more on that later.)

As I said, winds may kill you. I’d almost fell thrice because of the strong torrential winds, good thing I still had my sense of balance despite not having enough sleep. Those scary winds broke all the organizers’ tents, and the metal rod from one of the tents being set up almost hit my head. I didnt noticed it at first, until my groupmate shouted at me bout the metal rod that almost hit the back of my head. Too scary for words if you ask me.

But despite being scary, I still love the breeze. the strong winds reminds me of that feeling of being free whenever I run. It’s refreshing, it’s free-flowing and cool. Definitely makes me at ease.

Be calm, cool and collected. To be assigned in a more menial task means STRESS. More complex task = more responsibilities. Yes it’s stressful, but one needs to keep grace under pressure. No need to whine, no need to shout, no need to complain. ‘Tis better to shut up, do your job and enjoy while there’s something’s going on.

I’m glad that the said run is a great success, thanks to the people behind the event. I’ll post more details about the Run All Mighty on my next post! 🙂

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