Let’s go around Intramuros with Bambike Ecotours!

I am one happy kid. I was taught to ride a bike when I was so little, and I had those memories where I used to rent a bike within the CCP grounds with my cousins to have a little tour within the area. (this always happens whenever we planned to go to Star City and the tickets were all sold out lols! XD)

With Bryan and my fellow bloggers from Wazzup Pilipinas. (Pic’s from Ross.)

well that was years ago, and I haven’t rode a bike since then. Thankfully, I had a chance to ride again, but now within the walled city of Intramuros using the bamboo bikes from Bambikes.

The bamboo bike

And this is the bike that I’ve used during the tour, such a cutie no? 😀

Bambikes (or bamboo bikes) are created mostly by bamboo and abaca by the bambike makers from Gawad kalinga. The aim for making this one-of-a-kind bike is to sustain the reforestation of the bamboo nursery, while creating sustainable jobs for the poor.

The bamboo plant is known for its durability, flexibility and strength. And to ensure that the bamboo bikes will last for a very long time, the bamboo being used to create these ecobikes are crafted for weeks before being used and released in the market.

The Store

me and my fellow bloggers were invited to see their store in Plaza San Luis, and while waiting we checked on their beautifully crafted bikes…

All bamboo bikes comes in all shapes and sizes, all created with TLC by the bamboo bike makers in Gawad Kalinga.

We are all in awe at how amazing their bikes were. It was so beautiful, but a bit pricey. But since part of the sales of the ecobikes and tour will be given at the Gawad Kalinga, I think it’s worth the price.

Spare parts are also being sold here, and so are some refreshments that is needed for the tour.

We were then introduced to Brian, who guides us during our tour to the historic Intramuros. He explained to us how the bikes were made, the aim for this ecotour, his advocacy to help the poor (through Gawad Kalinga) and our itinerary on this fun ride. He’s gonna be our tour guide btw, along with his aide who’s always on our back to ensure our safety while we’re on a roll. 😛

(Brian is half Pinoy and American, and he reminds me a lot of my younger cousin who’s in Chicago right now, such a cutie no? :P)

well anyway, let’s proceed to the tour!

Biking along the walls

Pls excuse my crazy worn-out face, my shameless set of selfies are included in this blog post, consider yourself warned! >_<

I like everything about the Bambike ecotours – we went on different places around the city walls that is never been seen (or included) in every Intramuros tour using our bamboo bikes, that we even had a ride with our bikes at the top of the walls itself! Bryan explained to us that bikes are not allowed within the walls, and it’s a priveledge for us to have these experience.

our bikes went on a test drive first while we’re inside Casa San Luis.

to ensure of our safety while on the tour, we were given a chance to choose the bikes that we wanted and had it on test drive while we’re still on Plaza San Luis. it’s been ages since I last rode a bike, and good thing that the bike is easy to use but it’s kinda heavy for me.

we went on different places, including:

Bryan talks about the four Pu Dongs (Chinese lion dogs) infront of the San Agustin Church

the San Agustin Church,

Cuartel De Sta. Lucia,

Baluarte De San Diego Gardens, now being used for weddings and events.

Baluarte De San Diego,

OHAI cannon!

to the hidden Japanese cannon in Muralla,

and to the Puerta Real Gardens, where we hang out for a while and explore the hidden sanctuary inside the city walls.

Chillaxing at Escuella Taller

then we went to the Escuella Taller, where sculptors and architects went to learn how to create intricate church artwork and designs.

We’re on top of the wall, were we had a nice view of the SM Manila, Manila City hall and that MONSTROUS Torre De Manila (now in construction) that will definitely ruin the view of our national park once finished.

after that, we went on a ride going up in the walls at the Baluarte De Dilao.

taken while we’re still on the gardens, nice view eh?

since this is an ecotour, the trees and the plants sprawling around the area are also explained.

Accodring to our fellow blogger Rence Chan, this famous bronze statue of Queen Isabel is well traveled here in Manila. 😛

and we all went outside to have a glimpse of the bronze statue of Queen Isabel at the Puerta De Isabel.

At the Baluarte de Herrerias, where the fire trees are lined up, giving us protection against the sun while we enjoy the view of the Pasig River.

We crossed the road full of jeepneys and went inside the Baluarte De Herrerias, where we were greeted by cars, lined fire trees and a view of the Pasig River. the trees gave us some sort of protection against the scorching afternoon sun.

rode our bike inside that wall, DUN DUN DUNNN
insert Super Mario dungeon theme on background 😛
Yay we survived lol! :))

after our quick break, we went inside those walls chill down and ride. it is said to be a former hiding place for their weapons and bombs, if im not mistaken.

we crossed the road again and passed by Colegio de Sta. Rosa and Manila Cathedral,

and had another round of battle with the PUJs while we’re on our way to the Fort Santiago.

The majestic bamboo trees and photobomber Mars Callo 😛

once there, we had a brief lesson on the types of bamboos growing around the area.

went straight to the main gate…

Part of the portrait found inside Rizal Shrine inside Fort Santiago

and proceed to the now air-conditioned Rizal Shrine…

Jose Rizal’s letter for his most trusted confidante, Ferdinand Blumentrit.

where most of the memorabilias about the country’s national hero is being seen.

it was a great way to re-learn about our country’s rich history and the significance of the walled city of Intramuros. and thanks to our tour guide Bryan and his guide, we learned a lot and we all enjoyed the event. and despite the passing of the cars and jeepneys along the way, we feel so safe and secure, thanks to them both and the guards around Intramuros area.

the tour that includes the use of the bike and headgear, refreshments and a 2-3hr epic ride going in and around Intramuros.

It’s a different kind of tour, and to tell you the truth I have so much to tell about Bambike Ecotours. I recommend it for everyone to enjoy to have this enchanting experience! 🙂


Bambike Ecotours

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