life update: new blog designs, my stand, finding my heart

Oh hello there, Easter people!

It’s been ages since I posted something about my life in general. I know I’ve been MIA for quite some time, and I apologize for that.

So here I am, still alive, breathing and living the life. I’m in a much-better state now than I was before. There are some times that life gets a bit tough and crazy, but still ok nonetheless.

here are some of the things that I wanna share with you:

Blog design yay!

New blog layout yay!
New blog layout yay!

I say goodbye now to the old and tiring design to the simply colorful template yay! I made the redesign myself – changed the template, redesigned the layout, created the header and voila!

Everything looks so happy now, I just need to change the categories for the menu and that’s it!

Choosing my stand on the 2016 Philippine elections

If you checked on my previous posts, you know that I’ve already made my pick. If not for Miriam having picked BBM as her running mate, I would’ve picked for her. Yes she’s the most qualified of all candidates, but I have to say no to the son of a dictator.

With that I have to say yes to the one who also has the best interest in the country, with no corruption record and has a great track record in and outside the government.

I am for #MarLeni2016!
I am for #MarLeni2016!

Yes I will vouch for Mar Roxas, a fellow ilonggo/Capiznon (my mom’s hometown) and my cousin’s former boss when he was still the DTI secretary. Their testimonials are proof itself that I can rely on this guy in leading the country into greater heights. His platforms are clear and concise, and it tackles all issues that need to addressed, from businesses to poverty to agriculture to disaster awareness to corruption. You’ve seen them in my previous posts, and I’ll be posting more of my stand soon.

As for my VP, I haven’t heard anything great for the candidates except for Leni Robredo. The FOI bill that she did is an utmost importance, especially in our government today. So there.

You can check on my series of posts here, here and here.

Finding my bliss in blogging

I’m at my happiest whenever I posted something that I love. It is a wakeup call for me after reading one of Martine De Luna’s post on finding your passion in blogging (link here). why this sudden realization? it’s because of the lifestyle events that I realized that I can’t write this. This is not me anymore.

It took me months to plan – what do I really wanted to write most? am I comfortable in writing most of the sponsored post? Am I still comfortable with my domain handle or do I just need to let it go? Do I really need to revamp the blog as a whole? all these questions and planning and execution takes time. and the truth is, I can’t do this overnight.

I am thankful for the weekends worth of extra work, especially during holy week where I solely focused on revamping Just the revamp on the menu (categories, which I’m done thinking about it) and I’m done!

Visit my lifestyle portal here:
Visit my lifestyle portal here:

And the other lifestyle blog, FabPinas has a new layout! I’m thankful for #LeBoyf for all the help in coding and design while I’m fixing my main blog.

My heart breaks

…for Courageous Caitie’s passing and for the fire in my beloved alma mater.

Courageous Caitie
Courageous Caitie

I admire Caitie Lucas’ strength and resilience in her journey, and to her parents for being there for her. Their faith is outstanding even after her passing, and Caitie’s message to all netizens following her to trust in the Lord’s plans is something that we need to follow at all times.

My refuge when still in college, the University of the East Chapel.
My refuge when still in college, the University of the East Chapel.

It breaks my heart to see burned pics of the University of the East-College of Arts and Sciences, and Engineering building. I had great memories on those college buildings where I got my elective subjects (where major ones were from CCSS and Education building, also affected by the fire)

So pls bear with me again for some minor changes, as I’ll be blogging more on the things that I love posting the most. Thank you also for sticking up with me and for being there for my post and life updates. So stay tuned on my future posts soon!


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