Life update: surviving the pandemic, adjusting to the “new normal”

It’s now almost day 200 of the community quarantine and I can only be thankful for surviving the grueling 6-month lockdown that greatly affects all of us. (regular na tayo guys, sana sa trabaho din lol) I am thankful that my family is ok, most especially to my senior parents who are away from us during the COVID-19 lockdown (tldr; we were moving houses when lockdown happened, and they were staying in the newly-rented house and we were stuck in the old, run-down apartment).

Bye old house.

Despite not having most of the basic things here and not having the parentals on our side, we survived, and we are thankful that we still have a house to live in, food to eat and work to sustain the finances (until end of May, sadly).

Working while in quarantine has taken a toll on us mentally. Unlike when I’m still working at home pre-covid, I can always go out in the middle of the night to buy myself some hot coffee in the nearby convenience store, or to work in the nearby Tim Horton’s until the sun rises. unlike today where one can’t simply go out at night to buy food or to work remotely because of the fear of getting infected by the deadly virus.

This situation makes me appreciate physical interaction more. I miss my IT boys in the former office, my boyfriend, the blogging events and my blogger friends, my besties, the moments where we just hang out and talk until we got tired and sleepy. 3 months of interaction and collaboration (with my former officemates) is not enough and if this wouldn’t happened, I will still be part of the company I’m in.

But right now I’m ok. I gave myself time to rest and recuperate, to pray and to get myself together. I may not be ok financially but I’m getting there.

So what makes me busy now? job hunting, freelancing, upskilling via skillshare (highly recommended, it’s much cheaper than Udemy, and lastly, not sponsored!) submitting clips for virtual choirs, house chores, weekly bloggers game night, house transfer and joining KUMU. Also We took care of our senior Doggo Winwin, for she went on an emergency surgery due to her Pyometra+erlichia.

Gave this room a makeover the moment I arrived here. I am in the middle of fixing the clothes, the cabinetry, this bed while jobhunting. See the makeshift office table? that’s where I work lol!
Thankful that Winwin made it through her Pyometra surgery and Erlichia treatment. She’s now a stronger and healthier doggo.
That’s a wrap for the virtual choir video recording! I miss giving myself a decent makeup (I never put on makeup during Zoom/Google meet video calls lol)

While I have my own downtime, I’m currently polishing my own platform to revive this blog and create my own content again, and also to create the series of vlogs (coming soon!)

So this is the first of my series of personal post, so see you on the next set of blog posts. ๐Ÿ™‚

Will try my very best to keep up with everything, wish me luck!

I cannot be thankful enough for the angels that are always there for me during this trying times. Thank you for cheering me on, will hug you all once this pandemic is over.

Thank you for reading, hoping to see you soon!

Cristal is a freelance web developer and content creator. She currently enjoys her freedom while learning new things outside the comforts of the office confines. She enjoys writing her geek exploits, tech innovations and many more. Reach out to her via email at for events and many more!

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