Love Desserts – sweet tooth haven for dessert lovers

Yes, keep calm…*heavily breathing*

it is not a secret that I am NOT a fan of sweets, not because it’ll cause me to gain a few pounds, but this will trigger my migraine attacks (true story). anything that is too sweet to my taste will give me a bed rest for a day or two, and I don’t want this to happen. T_T

Love Desserts

But hey, not all desserts are sweet, and that’s why i’m glad that they had too much to offer here at Love Desserts in Banawe, Quezon City, a buffet restaurant that is perfect for those who love sweets and many more.

The place is located near the Z Square in Banawe/Del Monte, just beside Bruno’s barber shop. I advise you guys to NOT LOOK at the Google maps to locate this place, or else… (I’ve been there, and badtrip lang si Google Maps, grr!)

Well anyway, it is a surprise that the place is indeed a haven for dessert lovers, that the place is all jam-packed at the time it was opened, that my only complaint is for them to have a bigger space to accomodate more people who came here for their delectable delights.

As I said, they had too much to offer here, from their creamy cakes, souffles, cream puffs, brownies and many more. Forgive me if I’ll be spamming you with pictures of their sweet treats you guys! 🙂

Prelude to foodgasm. Yes Ms. Hepburn, you’re absolutely correct!
strawberry shortcake, cake rolls, cheesecakes, cream puffs, fudge brownies, etc. Hello calories, I’ll deal with you soon!
cheesecakes, cupcakes, fruit salad, singkamas, watermelon (yay for fruits!), cakes, cake rolls…kaya pa?
coz one picture is not enough to cover the entire row of cakes 😛
I scream for ice cream!
my kind of treats! iced gems, marshmallows, candy sprinklers, champola (I forgot the exact name so brand nalang :P), cookies. To be added in your own custom sherbet or crepe.
Fruity fillings for your own custom crepe. Love this I swear!
There are also shakes for everyone to enjoy! Here’s my chocolate shake!
Unlimited refills of iced tea and nai cha, and you can create your own halo halo!
cake roll
mini sweet treats!
Cream puff
Red velvet cupcake
more smores!
Have your own crepe, custom made for you <3

despite being a non-sweet lover, I simply can’t resist not having a slice of their cake, and here’s what I had:

Masarap ang shortcake nila! not too overpowering and not too sweet. it has a balance of fruitiness and sweetness na hindi nakakaumay. I’m almost finished it before I remembered to take pics, their fruit salad is also commendable, it has a perfect balance too. I’ve finished their panna cotta, calamansi sherbet ice cream and their mini cheesecake before I took this pic, sayang hindi nakaabot (natapon sa tiyan ko hindi ko na maretrieve :P)
my anti-umay remedies: tacos, singkamas, bagoong and empanada. They also have lugaw but ubos na. Empanada is served hot and fresh, filling is uber soft and yummy. Their tacos is a great ice breaker to all the sweet treats, same goes with their bagoong na buti nalang hindi malansa. (penge manggang hilaw pls!)
After our custom crepe, here’s my another dose of anti-umay treats: marshmallows, gummy treats, watermelon, banana, blueberry, strawberry, mangoes, candy sprinklers and nips. A balance of sweetness and fruitiness makes my tummy happy, and happy is an understatement. 🙂

I’m more of a fan of fruits for dessert, that’s why I hoard for their anti-umay treats (yay for fruit salad!) and I also commend this place for having cakes that are not too sweet for my palate (+1 for me!) and everything is IG-friendly (follow me!) for everything is oh-so pleasing to the eyes.

Have your unlimited fill of desserts for only 199 pesos!

Just Desserts is a great place for me and my friends (and of course my pamangkins) to hang outto enjoy their yummy delights, and the price is reasonable enough, considering that it’s a buffet restaurant. I can’t wait to be back soon! 🙂

Love Desserts Banawe branch

Love Desserts – Banawe branch
915 Banawe St. Cor. G. Roxas St. Quezon City

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