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Playing games is my escape to my everyday routine, may it be from my mobile phone, on my laptop, and on my preferred console. it’s not everyday that I get to play for I get to be too busy with work and other house chores, but one thing is for sure, playing games is my ultimate stress reliever, especially at this time where we are still dealing with the lockdown.

As I mentioned before, playing games is my “escape” as it is my choice not to go out of the house and endanger myself and everyone from the covid virus, and I need a perfect distraction from having caveman syndrome. 

Though I’m now into MMORPG nowadays, there are moments where I prefer simple mind games like solitaire and Tetris because of their simplicity and it makes me feel relaxed whenever I play, mainly because some games have some complexities that make me stressed out overall, and it’s a good thing that there are sites like the one from that offers classic and simple mind games like klondike, spider solitaire and many more.

I get to play card games online here at!

What I like about the website is the fact that it is browser-based – this can be played both on my laptop and on my mobile using chrome (or any other web browser), so there is no need for any installers and such to play games from the website.

The Candy House game reminds me alot of the classic Candy Crush game.

Aside from the usual card games, they also have puzzle games and games that are inspired from the classic ones like Pacman, Sudoku, Zuma deluxe, candy crush, and many more.

other online game selections apart from the card games

I get to try some of the games from, playing the solitaire makes me reminisce the good ol’ windows computer that I had one before lol! Good thing there is one that is accessible whenever I go.

There’s also a selection of hidden object games like this one here

Overall, it is one of the websites that are worth visiting because of the gaming content. And here are my other reasons what I like about it:

  • The nostalgia of playing the classic browser games like solitaire.
  • They also have other games that I think is ok for everyone young and old.
  • All games are completely browser-based, no need for additional installations to play
  • Also, there is no need for a personal account to play for games (you can’t save the game though, but all classic games doesn’t have a save option right?)
  • No pop-up ads! I say no to irritating ads that ruin the gaming experience.

So far, I’m enjoying every minute of playing online games here during my free time and I’m happy that there is another website for me to visit for games, hope they could have more games to play soon!

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