Malabon Food Tour 2014!

I’ve no idea what Malabon has to offer for me, until I googled about it after I received an invitation from Mhel and Ken from Certified Foodies. I got excited as I saw lots of heritage houses and food stalls that are so unknown to me, and some of them has branches outside of their city. The foodie in me got excited, as I prepare myself on what it has to offer for the newbie like me.

One of the bloggers backed out the last minute, they told me that I can bring someone along. I asked them earlier if I can tag someone along in the event, and I was surprised that they remembered about it! And since the said food tour is set on mother’s day , I asked my mom if she wants to come with (and i’m glad she did, yay!)


Tara na and let’s explore the wonders of Malabon!

Spotted one of their decades-old houses as we stroll around.

We arrived at around 9:30 and we started on our foodie tour headed by Mhel, Ken and Ms Cleo from the City government of Malabon. We were able to passed by on some heritage houses which dated back to the 1800s, and some churches that dates back to the 17th century. Sadly, the centuries-old churches are such a disappointment, as most of the church are renovated, completely ruined the timeless beauty that once had.

BTW, here’s my take on the foodie tour (in summarized form hahaha!) I’d say that every food stores deserve a decent post in my blog, so stay tuned for my upcoming post!


Dolor’s Kakanin

Dolor’s Kakanin

Our first stop was at the Dolor’s Kakanin. Established in the late 1930’s, it’s been a home for their delicious and bestselling kakanin that is well-loved by the young and old.

sarap ng rellenong bangus nila i swear!

They also had rellenong bangus that sells for 230 (?) pesos, mmmm looking at this dish makes me hungry!

Good thing mom and I didn’t ate breakfast! We are ushered inside for food tasting yay!

Bestselling treats from Dolor’s Kakanin

Everything looks delicious! We tried each and everyone of them and I swear mabigat na siya sa tyan! I love the sapin sapin, maja blanca and the rellenong bangus, the richness of sapin sapin, the creaminess of the maja blanca are absolutely perfect for dessert, and the rellenong bangus is divine! Mom complemented the bangus for it’s flavorful and siksik, hindi tinipid ang ingredients sa paggawa ng relleno.

Personally, I can finish the whole relleno in one sitting, pengeng rice pls? =)))


Aling Mely’s Carinderia

Aling Mely’s Carinderia

No one will ever know that Aling Mely’s carinderia has this classic rags-to-riches story. They started out in the 1960’s offering home-made dishes for all Malabon residents, and still persevered and now recognized in the whole of Malabon. Don’t let this place fool you, they may look like a simple carinderia but it’s better to have a taste of their delicious dishes.

With Aling Mely

And they had a LOT of choices to offer for everyone.

Aling Mely opens her humble home for us 🙂

Aling Mely opened her house for us bloggers for the food tasting, and here are their bestsellers.

Meatballs, tapang kabayo, binagoongan, omelette and stuffed pusit from Aling Mely’s Carinderia

They had their own handmade meatballs, tapang kabayo, pork binagoongan (tama ba?), omelette and stuffed pusit. Everything tastes right for me and my mom as we had another serving for these babies. It was also our first time to try tapang kapabayo that is made of horse meat, and it has a smokey flavor than the carabao meat (which I tried years ago). The meat is a bit tender though but it’s ok.


Pitstop at M. Flores Pancit Malabon

M. Flores Pancit Malabon

before we proceed to Lucina Luna, we dropped by to M.Flores Pancit Malabon.

recharge muna bago kain ulit 😛

Sadly, we just went there to rest for a while (aww!) but wait group shot muna kami!

Mhel told me that their pancit is one of the best tasting in Malabon, mom and I ordered one for take-out for my big sis and lil bro at home. True enough, their pancit malabon did not disappoint! More on that on my next post.


Cocina Luna

Cocina Luna

Located just in front of M. Flores, Cucina Luna offers deliciously crafted meals and a cozy place to hang out.

Absolutely love the interiors! Their displays are eye-catching, hip and young! Perfect place to chill out for me!

Chef Kat of Cocina Luna

The owner Chef Kat graciously teaches us how to prepare one of their bestsellers, the pulled pork sandwich.

Their bestselling pulled pork sandwich meal

The pulled pork sandwich consists of shreded barbecue pork, bacon, onion rings and cheese. The burgers are indeed delicious in every bite that makes me want to eat more. And yes, this one is perfect with a bucket of fries and it only costs 125 pesos. 😀

Beef tapa flakes – best with their signature vinegar
Tapa flakes meal

we also tried their other bestseller, the flaked beef tapa that is best paired with their homemade vinegar. Rice pa pls! #burp


Cups and Cones

Cups & Cones

Ok I had to admit, this cozy lil’ store has a place in my heart. The shop itself is beautifully designed, food is absolutely divine and the people are very nice that I imagine having a perfect date with LeBoyf (yii!) while we stuffed ourselves with their beautifully crafted meals. (stuffed ourselves talaga, kami na ang gutom lololol!)

They offer a lot from their menu! Cakes, pastries, pastas, rice meals, shakes, coffee… everything is handcrafted and served with care.

I love you fish salad! <3

I personally LOVE their fish salad! nuff said.

photo op after the treat

Photo op ulet! Foodie bloggers unite!
Cooking demo and other delicacies from Malabon

After we bade goodbye at Cups and Cones, we went to Plaza Rodriguez for the cooking demo from two of renowned cooks from Malabon. As we entered inside the plaza, there was a swimming pool that is open to the public. We all arrived at around 1pm and it was scorching hot, sayang lang we don’t have any extra shirts or else sasama kami sa swimming in no time. 😛

Chef Quiel

We were first introduced by Chef Quiel, who teaches us how to make his bestselling Quiron.

Chef Cuiel’s Quiron

Quiron is named for this is Chef Quiel’s version of turon that is made of ube, langka and saging latondan. This special turon has its unique twist and is best for merienda.

Then the representative from Upeng’s Quekiam teaches us how to make their bestseller.

Tadah! Best served with their signature sawsawan, pengeng rice pls!

Yay for lunch! We were served with Malabon’s sgnature dishes, and here they are! (group pic ulet!)

Upeng’s Quekiam yum yum!

My picture didn’t do justice, pero pramis mas maganda siya sa personal.

Judy Ann’s Crispy Pata – one of the best that i’ve tasted.

Nanay’s pancit

Nanay’s pancit – indeed the best tasting pancit malabon that I ever had.

Pizza bangus and bechamel bangus
I’m in bangus heaven, and I also raved for this one

I love bangus, and they serve a lot of bangus dishes that are unknown to me. And yes, I fell in love with their baked bangus and calamares bangus!

Eh kung busog na busog na busog na kami? (but wait there’s more!) #burp


Trip to Ozen

After our heartful lunch, we went to Ozen for a Japanese treat. Ozen is the only store that serves authentic Japanese delights to their customers. It is also said to be owned by a Japanese with his Filipina wife.

Takoyaki on the works
tsalap tsalap ng takoyaki yo!

We were served with their bestselling takoyaki that only costs 40 pesos per serving. Oh boy, it was presented beautifully, cooked to perfection and I can taste the mix of veggies and octopus meat topped with their special sauce. Mom and I loved their takoyaki so much that we bought two takeout orders for my ate and lil bro, ganun siya kasarap, pramis.

Freshly-cooked gyoza for me and for me :))

I also liked their gyoza that costs 60 pesos per serving, the stuffed meat is yummy indeed, rich in flavor and I think I can have yet another serving. 🙂

I would love to come back for their california maki, Mhel said that it was the biggest that they’re seen, just wait for me ok? ok. 😀


Last foodie stop – Lady Jeunet’s steakhouse

It’s more fun in Lady Jeunet’s!

we were all sooo full and it was almost 3-ish. We took a different route going to out last foodie stop. Lady jeunet’s steakhouse is known for their affordable steaks, and it was their town fiesta at that timt that’s why they had banderitas all around the place.

Uber colorful graffiti!

If there is one thing that I also like about this place, it’s gonna be the wall paintings and graffiti.

Aloha Mama!

And there’s my trooper Mom with Mr. Bean, Aloha!

As for their food, they offer everything from salads to sandwiches to rice meals and their own pinoy and japanese bento mixes.

poor lil’ lechon… nom nom nom 😛

Here’s what they had for us for food tasting (aka handa na rin sa fiesta :D)

The only plate shot that ever had
Obligatory mom and daughter shot – oo na mas batang tignan nanay ko sakin. 😛

Mom and I had a handful of their dishes that I forgot to take pictures on my own plate, but one thing’s for sure, we are all busog to the nth level, and we are all happy.

guess her age (hint: senior citizen na siya)

Here’s Mama all smiles and happy and busog, hope you enjoy our foodie date Ma! 🙂


San Bartolome Church – our last stop

The 400-year old San Bartolome Church in Malabon

As we bid goodbye to your generous host, we went to the San Bartolome Church for (yet) another photo op and to explore the beauty of this grand 400 year old church.

If you were to ask me, I would like to see the church itself before its renovation and how I wish the people behind the could preserve its old beauty, just like other old churches in Manila (I still adore San Agustin in Intramuros and San Sebastian in Quiapo, who is now planning for the restoration project in order to preserve the only steel church in Asia, ahh will talk about it soon here on my blog).

Last na group shot, we’ll see you soon fellow bloggers! <3

We are all in awe for this wonderful trip, and we are blessed to explore this wonderful side of Malabon. Mom and I also had a wonderful time, and glad that she’s a trooper at all! I love her more for that!

Super thanks to Mhel and Ken (again), to Ms. Cleah and the staff of the City of Malabon for this wonderful opportunity, looking forward for the next Malabon adventure!


*** For more pictures about the said event, check out this link from my Facebook fan page!

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