Medal of valor

(Isa akong taong grasa/dugyuting bata! Pic grabbed by evil twin Angela :P)

Definitely one of the many first, again!

It is my first run for this year, my first time to won a race kit (thank you Little Running Teacher!), first run to run outside manila (It was held in Nuvali!) and my first ever medal that I got for a running event. I may be a crazy ‘lil messy gal in this pic but the spectrum of colors during the Live More Run last saturday makes it memorable for everyone who joined in this running event.

It was an afternoon run, the weather is perfect for the event and the evening is festive as Derek Ramsay leads the powder toss and having SpongeCola (and the rest of the performers) makes the night more livelier than ever.

I can say that it’s one of the most memorable fun runs I’ve ever did!

*And I think I need to collect more running medals this time! 🙂

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