Money games for kids and kids at heart

I’ve been checking on the mortgage calculator site for the computation of my finances but I’ve been in a state of limbo lately (aka burnout), the reason why I’ve been doing so many things lately – more work, recreation on my free time, while still balancing my finances for my major upcoming move, which I’ll be posting soon.

As for my me time, I’m looking for games that keep me interested, one of which is the money games from the mortgage calculator. they have a series of games that are not just for kids, but also for adults looking for something that makes them think while having fun.

They have something to offer from money games, crypto-related games, simulation games, and even software dev. I enjoyed most of the games while some i find it boring. here are some of the games that I tried:

Merge blocks is a strategy game where you need to place the blocks for merging. it can create a chain reaction as the series of blocks needs to be set to merge into a higher building level. it can fill out fast without knowing it, that’s why there’s a need to strategize the location of the blocks.

Bitcoin tap tap mine is a clicker game – and I find it boring. but that is actually the essence of the crypto-related game. you need to click in order to mine for bitcoin and upgrade the equipment to mine more bitcoin. it gets boring in the long run because of the clicking and no interaction.

Code panda is a good game for both kids and kids at heart. it’s also a good intro to the programming basics where you can use the programming basics like the looping function. the concept is to create a direction for the panda to get the bamboo, and to execute the code. is that simple and fun?

The idle pet business is a tycoon-styled game to operate a pet store. the game itself is cute (esp. for a pet lover) but it gets tedious for this is similar to the Bitcoin tap tap mine game where you need to click the earnings from the pets to unlock more of them and upgrade them for additional profit.

To check out for more of their games, visit the page here.

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