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I’ve been juggling my time between my day job, blogging events, choir rehearsals, running and special events with friends (i.e. reunions, birthdays, etc.) I may have my handy organizer with me, and there are times that my organizer wasn’t as handy and helpful as it looks for I keep on forgetting on the things that I need to do and the places that I needed to go.

Though #Leboyf is there to remind me on the scheduled blog events, I don’t wanna give him the burden of reminding me ALWAYS. That is why Beep here to help me with my organizing needs.

Beep is an organizing app that lets one organize events, spreading invites and reminds you on your scheduled events ahead of time. The Beep app can be used for personal and business events, I’ve been using this app for weeks now and I find it really handy.

Beep has this (Nokia) Lumia-like interface that looks sleek and modern. Events are located at the left side of the app, where the present and past events, discover section and preferences can be seen.

Create new events through Beep

Making a new event is easy by clicking the ”new events” section, where one can input details on the event, including the venue and the people invited to the event. detailed description on the location is a big help using Foursquare access. For invites, Beep can send an invite through the beep app or through SMS for free.

App interface – chat section

There is also a chat section where Beep users can communicate with each other. Group chats can also be created for exclusive chat with friends and barkadas.

App interface – Discover section, where you can find awesome promos and deals from partner establishments

The Discover section is a great feature for all BEEP users, one can see these exclusive deals from partner merchants that can be used exclusively by BEEP users.

Used the Beep App for organizing events and meetups with friends, here’s a sample of one of the events that I created. (Found this IHOP promo through Beep’s Discover section btw!)

This is where I saw this promo from IHOP. I’ve no idea about the national pancakes day from IHOP until I saw it at Beep’s Discover section. 🙂 (yay for unli pancakes! But I have very low tolerance for sweets of any kind T_T will post our double date experience soon!)

Perhaps the only downside for the Beep app is that there are some features that requires WIFI access, but despite that, it’s been a helpful app for organizing events, share invites, discover awesome promos and chat with friends. For sure there will be improvements and additions in the Beep app, and I’m looking forward to those changes soon. 🙂

If you want to learn more and try the Beep app itself, check out the links below!

Beep – Your personal event organizer
Beep on Android:
Beep on IOS:
Beep Philippines on Facebook:
Beep on Twitter:

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