Our vote matters, and here’s why

We are now counting the days before May 9 and here’s my quick post about this year’s election.

If you follow me on social media, then you know who I am voting for. I am heavily promoting my chosen candidate in my own way because we are facing her greatest nemesis yet – her fellow aspirants who are perpetrators of fake news and disinformation.

for us and for the next generation, it’s the fight against disinformation and historical revision that’s been there since the start of the 2016 election. And to add, it’s our chance to vote for someone who doesn’t have any links to corruption and to other political dynasties/families.

It is sad that many still believe in their “self-made reality” where the 70s under the dictatorship are the “golden era” of our country’s history, but in reality, it is where the corruption is rampant, cronies were given the privilege, activism is restricted and many were tortured and even killed. there is a bigger risk for all of us to go back to those dark times, and worse, to restrict our voices and our rights in all forms.

It is heartbreaking to see those who are still blind despite the “receipts”, the MAJOR differences between other qualified candidates, and the red flags. I blame the abuse of social media for this, the exploitation SEO/social media marketing/digital marketing in order to leverage their candidate, even if it means using the power of the internet for spreading LIES and slander candidates for their own benefit.

I hope i make sense on you guys on my last statement. kasi naman nakakainis na na nakakafrustrate. It never hurts to google naman.

That is why we need to choose well who we vote for, to see the candidate because of their qualifications, expertise, and most importantly, their character. This is the reason why I am voting for VP Leni Robredo, Sen Kiko Pangilinan and the rest of TRopang Angat. they bring out the best of all of us, even inspiring us to be kind despite the adversities and the hate.

eto ang sinasabi ni VP – radikal ang magmahal.

I’ve seen this firsthand during the PasigLaban rally where we (my sister and I) have seen people of all ages – men and women, seniors, yuppies, fellow Xennials, Gen X-ers, Millenials, the younger ones) cheering and helping and crying and supporting the LeniKiko tandem. The Bayanihan spirit is in there, as well as the heart of all volunteers coming in and shelling out money for food, stickers, and many more. despite the myriads coming into the rally, it was the most peaceful, organized, and the most heartwarming.

our hearts are full, and we see that there is still HOPE.

I am thankful that my vote for VP Leni is never wasted last 2016. And even some of my friends regret voting for the other candidate last elections. She deserves our vote again, and the rest of the TRoPa Slate. I’ve yet to complete the senatorial slate but I am seriously considering other senatoriables from Ka Leody’s slate.

If you are considering other candidates, or still undecided on who you vote for, let’s talk! I’m just a message away.

let’s all practice our right to suffrage and vote on May 9!

Sharing my pics from the PasigLaban rally (love the witty placards), enjoy!

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