… and everything will be ok. Just a few thoughts after the just-concluded Run All-Mighty from The Greentennial Run: I’ve learned to trust my instincts, and to the people who believed. TheTyphoon Yolanda has scared the sh*t out of me because of the outrageous advisory that it’ll hit hard in Manila early in the morning. I’d even texted Sir Rovic (Greenttenial Run’s Race Director) if the rain will still pushed through despite the scary weather advisory. I’m so glad that the run went through and it went well despite the

Blogapalooza 2013!

I’ve been hesitant at first to sign up for When in Manila’s Blogapalooza, for I’ve been new in this field. But after I told my friend Hoshi about it and heard that she made it on the blog list, I went to their website to fill up the form and voila! SailorStarCatcher is in yo! ^_^ it’ll be my first time to join, along with the  businesses who wants to have their businesses promoted online, and for the bloggers who wants to learn more from the topnotch bloggers and to

I was once worked in an outsourcing company before and I had to admit that my former boss is FULL of CRAP… Not only did he give a hard time with me, but also to my colleagues as well… I found this post from my former team mate and I think it’s very helpful for everyone here who has trouble dealing with their nemesis (aka their boss, hahaha!) To everyone here employed, this one’s for you… 😀 Well if you have worked for anytime at all, you have had the

I have a confession: I miss celebrating the halloween season and the much-awaited long weekends. This week is supposed to be the long weekend of all sorts, taking my time to relax, recharge and a decent vacation in which I am NOT entitled as of this moment. And yes I miss celebrating Halloween. I love to dress up, put on some make up and walk in my cutesy (or sometimes scary) costumes with ease, just like the one that I had last Outbreak Manila last April. Just to cut back

I’m not fond on watching the news every evening, but after I heard about the recent earthquake occurred in Bohol and affects areas in Cebu, it breaks my heart to see people lost their homes, asking for help, being traumatized, crushed to death because of the rubble, roads being misaligned and damaged, and the historical churches badly damaged and destroyed in an instant. In a way, it’s good that the recent event has occurred during in the morning, where everybody’s awake and since it’s a holiday at that time, people

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