I’ve been in the stage wherein i’m thinking of my current state in my work. I’ve been working on 4 different companies, and somehow I was thinking that working in this particular company is fulfilling and rewarding at the same time. And then I came at the time that I’m not really happy at work. Why? For very obvious reasons, I’ve been thinking hard for days/weeks/months only to realize that it’s not really working. just like going in a relationship, if you feel like that there is something wrong, you

This is how I celebrate the first day of September. September 1 marks Macci‘s birthday. For me, she is one of the gorgeous souls inside and out. She invited us (me, along with Bill and Nico. Sayang lang Oshi and Sheryl’s not with us) to her house for birthday party, along with her schoolmates and her other set of friends. We drank, laughed hard, play beer pong, and talked about anything and everything under the sun. I even “swim” at her family’s koi pond, and play with her baby Bichons

We all want to feel special. to be happy, to be grateful, to be loved. That is why we need to have a daily dose of inspiration, everyday. Inspire Me Everyday – a collection of everything that we need on a daily basis. May it be a shot of optimism, a sprinkle of happy moments, a handful of cutesome finds or even a couple of momentary musings with our Lord. Every inspirational post is a must for us to get on our feet and to make us inspired, everyday. 🙂

I think this blog is now 50% ok, methinks. it all started as a dream project of mine, to have my own space on the world wide web. Little by little, I can now see that it’s becoming a reality. I think it’s important in my profession to have one, and I find it fulfilling to see some snippets in my life posted online. I’m glad to see happy memories, sad thoughts, horrible experiences and lessons learned, while jumping on different blogging platforms. Testing on what’s best for me, many

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