(from Abby’s blog) Let me tell you something about love. I decided to take another chance in love. Years after I’ve been in a failed relationship, I decided to love myself more, to enjoy the beauty that surrounds me, the freedom to move, the freedom to roam around and to do things without someone stopping me from doing the things that I love. This is something that I was deprived of from my last relationship, to do the things that I love before, to be with my friends until wee

Nature inspired

To travel on different places is one of the things in my wish list, and last Sept 8, not only did I travel with my Mom (and the rest of her churchmates), I take part on helping mother nature. Sept. 8 marks the Blessed Virgin Mary’s birthday and in celebration of this event, Mom was asked to represent her church organization to take part of the tree planting event in La Mesa Ecopark. in preview  The seedlings I managed to tag along lol! placing the seedlings Plant trees, make fun!

My life as a freelancer has made me isolated from my friends who are now working from their respective offices, and I can’t help it but to get bored from my online work most of the time. That’s why I usually checked on  their Facebook, update on my Twitter while having a chat on them while working. (Dear clients, if you are reading this pls do understand/iamsorry) That’s why if there’s any opportunity to mingle with them I will go out and have a time or two to have a

Hello September! here in the Philippines, we considered September as the start of the Christmas holidays. You may hear Christmas carols on the radio as early as now, and some stores (mostly in Divisoria) are now setting up their holiday decors for those people who are into super early holiday shopping spree. Choristers are now practicing Christmas songs for their upcoming concerts and competitions, and many more. How time flies. I never thought that it’ll be months away from the much celebrated holiday season, exactly four months till the year

At loss for words

My current LSS is brought to you by Jazmine Sullivan. There are some times that I’m at loss for words because I’m with the person that I had a crush on, and though I would like to talk to someone who I’d really like, my mind does some crazy things that makes me blabber on something that normal people simply don’t understand. inlababo much? seriously yes! (and I miss him too!)

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