Personalized Freebies from Eagle’s Wings Enterprises

During the Blogapalooza event, as we (Hoshi, Axl Slickmaster and me) went backstage to have a photo op with Vince Golangco, we’re all surprised that we were given laptop bags from Eagle’s Wings Enterprises yay! Sakto ung bags during the event, dami naming naiuwi na freebies eh hihihi! thanks a bunch! XD

I apologize for the blurry photos in this post, I’ll be replacing my crappy camera phone before the year ends, I promise! XD -me

Well going back, little is known about Eagle’s Wings’s enterprises. I’ve absolutely no idea about the company per se and search engines are not even helping either (well I’m a SEO ninja, online guy stalking internet research is super dali nalang!). Well, until I went to the event itself learn about them to check out the company itself and the products that they offer.

ID laces, mugs, bags and more, personalized for different occasions by Eagle’s Wings Enterprises

Eagle’s Wings Enterprises is established in 2012 as a one-stop gift source for promotional items and corporate giveaways. Items used ranges from eco bags, ballpens, tumblers, thirst and even useful tech devices like power banks and USBs. All items are personalized and some even custom-made according to their client’s needs and most of the giveaways are used during marketing events, road shows, workshops, concerts, seminars, conventions, product launchings, anniversaries, and special events. Here are the personalized freebies given to us by Vince during the event:

laptop bag, duffel bag and foldable fan, labeled and customized for the Blogapalooza event.

For those who wants to to have customized giveaways on different occasions, you can learn more about them on their website: and follow them on their Facebook fan page:

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