Recap: Color Manila 2015!

I made it a habit to join and to volunteer for Color Manila since its launch, and I’ve been a witness to all the changes at the said fun run. This year’s event however, is special because of the spectacles that happened during the whole event.

From being part of the kikay pink team last 2012 to being the assistant lead to last year’s yellow team, I was assigned by Sir Jham to lead the blue team to beautify, decorate and create design ideas for our station, and just about we were to install our designs we were informed the last minute that we need to change places with the other color team. It was a hassle for us to adjust once again and to make last-minute changes, and good thing that we were able to accomplish so much for such a short time.

Team Blue! Team Lapreza! Team Panagbenga! Photo credits from Sir Jham

Presenting… the Panagbenga Festival from the Blue team!

Despite making our preparations just days before the event, we were able to collate ideas – blue backdrop design, tarp layout designed by the talented assistant team lead Chris, and costume design from Lyka. With the help of Geof, Addy, Grace, Eliza and Annie, backdrops were installed, paper flowers were placed, blue powder were scattered. We are now ready to spread the colors to all the runners!

Everything went crazy after the influx of number of runners running after us asking for blue powder for themselves, that all of us volunteers can’t even control them on getting on our powder containers. We are all dead tired afterwards because of the people and of lack of sleep.

All freshen up! Photo from Geof!

But despite that, we managed to get along with the runners who wants to have a photo-op with us, and imagine the smiles of the runners hahaha! feeling artista lang! Well pagbigyan nyo na kami dahil minsan lang sila may makatabi na real-life smurf/avatar lols! XD

we all went at the side of the stage afterwards to have a quick chat with the members from other teams and to rest as well, when suddenly our team was called on the stage, we were like, “bat tinatawag ang blue team sa stage?” then we were shocked that we won the best color station this year! We went on all sorts of crazy after the announcement, and I’m thankful that all the hardwork and lack of sleep paid off, big time.

Congrats to us blue team! pic’s from Geof!

Thank you to my team mates, and of course to Sir Jham for this wonderful opportunity, till next year! 😀

Blue Team/Team LaPreza/Team Panagbenga

Cristal Maramag
Christopher Sta Cruz
Elisa Donaire Alberca
Annie Senora
Lyka Sadiaza
Addy Magbanua
Grace Aragon
Geof Lopez

Picture credits from Jham Mariano and Geof Lopez, Check out the rest of the pics from Geof’s blog here!

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