Rediscovering Manila with Jeepney Tours


Having a ride on a jeepney is a most common way to commute around the city, but this one is a different story.


I was introduced to Jeepney Tours – one of the fun ways to tour around the city while riding on a jeepney. Now what makes this usual different from other jeepneys? Here’s what I had to say.

Ms. Clang Garcia of Jeepney Tours giving us information about the company and our itinerary.

While the usual jeepney rides can be tedious sometimes (because of the gruesome heat, traffic and pollution outside) this one is crazy pimped and colorful, fully conditioned, spacious (it can accommodate up to 20 persons) and it has a videoke installed inside for everyone who wants to sing their hearts out.

Our ride while on Luneta. Photo credit:

We are all smiles while we deal with the gruesome rush hour traffic as we’re heading to the walled city of Intramuros! But before we head straight to the walled city, we had a quick stop at Luneta to stretch our sore muscles, and for others to have quick photo op outside our very own “jolly jeep”. 😛

It was a surprise to see tour guide/activist Carlos Celdran at the San Agustin as he’s now on his last few parts of his “Walk This Way” tour. (I wanna go on his walking tour again!)

And as we arrived at Intramuros, we went around the walled city’s attractions until we made our stop at the prestigious San Agustin. Luckily, Carlos Celdran is also at the San Agustin while doing the final part of his walking tour.

And we went inside Barbara’s, where it it known for their sumptuous Spanish-Filipino cuisines and the much-applauded cultural show.

Angel figurine at the stairs
I find this cash register beautiful, don’t you think?
Was supposed to take a shot at the bass violin when Ivan came, pasaway lang! 😛
What’s inside Barbara’s

What I like about Barbara’s are its interiors and the homey atmosphere that makes me feel like i’m in a different country.

Not our table, but we are all hungry.


Paella, rice and pasta.
Buffet food being served to us. Sadly, How I wish they could offer more food selections for their guests.
They also had dessert…
I adore their salad! 🙂

In a way, i’m a bit disappointed that they had less choices in their buffet. But the food was good though.

My plate (‘coz i’m hungry like that.)

As we had our dinner, we enjoyed ourselves with the wonderful serenades of the rondalla group.

gif gif

Then suddenly, the lights has dimmed out, it was time for their much-awaited cultural show!

gif gif2

It was fun to see cultural dancers do their rhythmic moves as they perform on stage, as they showcase different dances now rarely seen as this time. From the fierce moves of the singkil dance to the fun and enlightening pandango sa ilaw and the showcase of our country’s national dance the Tinikling, we are all smiles as we are all entertained by the host’s gleeful smile and his ecstatic moves for everyone to see.


Let the videoke fest begin!

Sadly though, this has come to an end. But I was surprised as I went back to the jeep and my fellow bloggers are now haggling over the microphone, waiting on their turn at the videoke!


Mahaba-habang inuman!

And it’s a surprise for me to find out that they had their own cooler where we can have our drinks be chilled, and in this case, we have bottled water, canned soda and beer! Videoke + beer = fun fun fun!

It was a fun event, and I never thought that riding the jeep is gonna be this FUN! I recommend Jeepney Tour for the ultimate touring experience around the Metro!

Jeepney Tours

Contact no. (632) 994-6636

mobile no.: (0918) 897-4670



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  1. welcome back! so while nainitan kami sa daan that day ay nag-e-aircon kayo sa jeep. hahaha

    now i know, kung anong ire-recommend ko sa aking mga foreigner friends. naalala ko yung mga brazilian friends ko gusto nila yung tour sa Intramuros kaso init na init.

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