Reunited, and it feels so good

My life as a freelancer has made me isolated from my friends who are now working from their respective offices, and I can’t help it but to get bored from my online work most of the time. That’s why I usually checked on  their Facebook, update on my Twitter while having a chat on them while working. (Dear clients, if you are reading this pls do understand/iamsorry)

That’s why if there’s any opportunity to mingle with them I will go out and have a time or two to have a chat, to play around and to catch up with what’s happening in our daily lives.

I’m happy that I’m able to reconnect with my University classmates few months ago, and I’m happy that we’re now successful in our chosen careers.

the girls. circa 2001
the boys, circa 2001
us today, July 2012
Fresh out of high school, I met with these crazy group of guys and gals coming from different schools. We may have different goals, views and personalities… but one thing’s for sure, we still managed to keep in touch years after we got our college diploma and to bid farewell to our dearest Alma mater. <3
And last week, I went to a mini get together with my former USAP officemates…
It was a leaning experience to work with them. I mastered the art of internet marketing with these crazy beautiful team of people, and I must say that I’m thankful that I learned a lot from them. To stay at US Auto Parts for almost 3 years is one of the most rewarding experience indeed. Good company + great people + healthy office environment = fun fun fun!

I’m happy that we still keep in touch, hope to see you again soon!

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