Running review: Knights of Columbus’ Mission Run

I’ve been envious on the runners who joined in this event, and here’s why:

  • It’s in Manila – Intramuros is only 15 minutes away from my humble home.
  • The race itself is within the city walls – Who would have thought that it we can all run while at the city walls itself? added the cool showers that freshen up the runners (and the race course) before the gun start, I know that It’s gonna be tough and slippery at the walls itself. πŸ˜›
  • Yay for the souvenir shirt and medal – it’s rare nowadays to get a souvenir shirt and medal at the same time, especially in a charity run event. I can only see them in major runs, and it’s a privilege that only long distance runners can have.
  • It’s a run for a cause – The knight of Columbus – Padre Burgos Assembly holds a run for a cause in support for the construction of Santissimo Sacramento Chapel situated in Baseco, Manila. I’ve been there many times (My cousin lives there) and noticed that their chapel is small and needs to have an uplift. I think it’s necessary to have a church that is near to the area, good thing that the Mission Run is there to the rescue.
I managed to smile despite lacking of sleep! XD

With only a hour to sleep, I’ve been so down and cranky during the whole Mission Run, thanks to the well-organized Run All-mighty that is set the day before the event and my work schedule AFTER the run. (talk about priorities!) In a way I was a bit pissed on the volunteers from KOfC who came up late, additional task that is not even assigned to me (but as long as I’m ok with the task, it’s ok!) and now the backstabbing issues that came up all of a sudden. (I’ve absolutely no idea what’s happening, been running in circles to make sure that everything’s so spic and span) But despite the turmoil I’m thankful that I’m still in one piece.

The sea of blue <3

I saw runners from different running groups, foreigners, seminarians, nuns priest and even the Knights in fully-clad gear, complete with sabers, hats and all. The children who are part of the programs are also present to cheer with the runners too. The wall itself is jam-packed with people who are ready to run in one of the most challenging routes that can be compared with the Great Wall of China Marathon. (because they’ll be running within the city walls.)

With Anthony Servinio, Mish Maravilla, Runner/Photographer Papajack Morales and Greentennial Run’s Rovic Canono. (Forgot the name of the guy in black and the girl in yellow! sowee! XD)

Hosted by Mish maravilla and sportscaster/runner/blogger Anthony Servinio, they gave the runners refreshing tidbits and information on the race course, the significance of the run and many more.

Pretty medal/shirts girl Marine πŸ™‚

There are medals and shirts to be given away as souvenirs in this momentous event, and the medals are blessed before it was given away.

Inggit ako huhuhu! T_T

If only I could run on this event, I could. When I’m still in college, I used to go here and wander around, especially in the afternoon where the wind is cool and calm. I can only wish for a repeat on this event where I can join! Well going back, the rainy showers went on before the race itself, making the pavement slippery, thus adding an extra challenge in running within the city walls. Ako na talaga ang inggitera, chos! XD

Despite being drop dead tired, I managed to keep myself awake by running to check if all stalls are peaceful and orderly. Upon hearing the reviews, I’m glad that I heard positive feedback on this event and they love the unique race route!

It’s one great race overall. But the experience makes me want to join as well. A job well done for me and the rest of the Greentennial Run team in organizing a back-to-back race! πŸ™‚ Like their Facebook fan page and Twitter page here!

All pics are from Running Photographers, thanks guys! <3

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