Running review: Run All-Mighty Aftermath! :P

Me and fellow blogger/runner/triplet Nikki, and yeah mahangin talaga sa labas!

I was told about the upcoming Run All-Mighty weeks before the said event. I was thinking that it’ll be postponed because of the upcoming super typhoon that will also hit Manila. But as the organizers has said, God is good, and it’s a miracle that God gave us the perfect weather for this amazing running event.

Now what it’s all about? 

Run All-Mighty is organized by the Capitol City Baptist Church (CCBC) and Philippine Bible Society. The proceeds of this event will go to the construction of the the new church building along West Avenue in Quezon City as well as to distribute more bibles to educate people to know more about God. Powered by The Greentennial Run, it is sure to come up with full of surprises from the said event organizing group.

I was a scaredy cat while the race is being set up!

But somehow, my experiences in this said running event is not about on running, it’s more on trusting HIM and to be more stronger in faith. (More of that here.)

… and yet I managed to be in all smiles despite the strong winds (im not kidding!), check out the RAM tarp behind me lol! XD

The strong winds has made me feel so vulnerable, but it made me feel so free. it was a great weather for runs in all kinds, and I could only wish that I can join in this event. But I need to fulfill my duties as a Greentennial volunteer. I’m happy to say that this is one of the most organized runs that I’ve encountered, except for some glitches in the finish line. (Good thing I didn’t handled that one though.) The event itself came out with few number of runners, maybe because of the weather scare. the on-site registration handled by the organizers themselves went well, same goes with the baggage counter and the setup of the loot bags. The warm-up Zumba moves and the live music has woke up the runners, and they went off as the gun starts.

Envious? Yes indeed. 😛

I admit that I envied all the runners in this event. The crisp, cool winds reminds me so much of Christmas. it was a perfect weather for running! There are also plenty of hydration stations (that I’ve seen being set up), chocolate bars and crackers being piled up as snacks, and banana stations are stationed at the end of the finish line. The runners are well-pampered, with lots of prizes to be given away. I also love their giveaway, it was a small New Testament Bible (in Tagalog) in which I gave to fellow blogger/officemate Hoshi who is celebrating her last day at the office. *sniff!*

The Greentennials at work, job well done guys! ^_^

I’m glad that we made a helping hand in organizing this event. The runners and the people behind the fun run is at all smiles, for they had a nice run and they had helped the organizers for their cause. never thought that I’m relaxed in the whole event.

I’m a bit tired and sleepy though (but I don’t mind) for I still need to report to work AND to help organize another run that’ll be set on the next day!  (more on the Mission run on my next post!)


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