Solo soul searching in Tagaytay

The original plan was to go to Tagaytay days before my birthday using my overnight accommodation to One Tagaytay Place that I’ve got at the Blogapalooza with a friend of mine, but she backed out the last minute. Yes I’m furious, but I really wanna go. I made last minute decisions, quick scan on Google, and an overnight itinerary on my solo overnight trip.  


I’m riding solo

No I don’t have a car. I usually go there with a friend who has a car, usually for coffee, Bulalo and a nice long chat. This time it’s different, I went there by bus from Coastal Mall. The ones with the Tagaytay-Olivares sign can take me to the Tagaytay-Rotonda terminal, and it took me 2-3 hours to get there. According to my research, the trike going to the One Tagaytay Place usually costs 40 pesos (that’s on the left side of Tagaytay kasi, though I saw jeepneys passing through the hotel pero bibihira lang ang byahe boo!


One Tagaytay Place

I had to admit, the hotel is quite small and it’s far from the view of the Taal Volcano, but I had the comfiest stay here. The bed and the pillows are absolute heaven! added to that is the accommodating staff and their sumptuous buffet breakfast.  Check on my review here! 

Mini itinerary – Pink sisters

Many of my friends told me that if I want to have my wishes come true, a trip to the Pink sisters is a way to go. Looking at the Google maps, I thought that it’s far from the hotel where I’m staying. Well actually it’s not! It took me about less than 15 minutes just to get there via trike and jeep (I took a trike from the hotel going to Olivares, then jeep from the terminal going to the Pink sisters). After going down to the Eminaroma Garden, I walked past the hotel and Angels’ Hills going to the Pink sisters.

The church sure is pretty and quiet. The mass has just concluded that’s why churchgoers are still there to pray and to have their wishes written.  After I said my prayers, I wrote my petitions and took pictures afterwards. to take pictures inside the church is strictly prohibited, that’s why I took the liberty to take pictures outside instead.


Angel’s Hills

Before taking a jeep going back to the Rotunda, I went to the church beside the Pink sisters, the Angel’s Hills. It holds the church at the center, and at the left side where rooms are located for those who are holding their retreats or recollections.

I remember having one when I’m still in High school (It’s mandatory for high school students from a catholic school :P) , and I enjoyed the peace it gives as I walked through the cobbled pathways.  


Stroll at the marketplace

After I took a jeep from the Pink sisters going to Olivares, I went to the Marketplace to take a look at what’s in store for them. The market itself is clean and organized, malayong malayo sa Divisoria and Quiapo! hope that Manila will adopt this kind of market setup, and I felt safe too, despite not having policemen around the area.


Solo travels again? 

I would love to go back and explore more of Tagaytay again – ALONE! It’s great to have some me-time and learn more on different places to see and visit. It’s more convenient not to have around who is kinda choosy and magastos. Sayang lang I need to limit my time to stay longer at the places where I went. Well there’s still next time! 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Solo soul searching in Tagaytay

    1. so true. actually I passed by on the retreat house where we held our retreat when I’m still in High School, would love to go back to pay a visit anytime soon! 🙂

  1. Wow. you were at Tagaytay rin pala? I was there like 2 days ago 🙂 Anyway, Tagaytay really is a nice place to relax.. super lamig na rin dun ngayon 🙂

      1. I wanna go there. I feel like i have to go for soul searching alone. I dont have a car. Is it safe to go for a public transpo. Any recomendations for an affortable hotels to stay? Thanks

        1. Hi Maj!

          Thanks for dropping by to my humble blog! You should go to Tagaytay! I don’t have a car either that’s why I took the bus in Pasay going to Tagaytay. As for hotels, there are those who offer less than 1k/night with basic amenities included, and the best na affordable na hotel is sa View Park Hotel (recommendation from my fellow blogger friends). One Tagaytay place is something that I also recommend (this is the hotel where I stayed in Tagaytay) but the price were around 4-5k (depends on the season kasi), but they also offer discounts on some group buying sites.

          So good luck! Hope you’ll get to enjoy your solo travel in Tagaytay! 🙂


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