Sudden realizations in a good way

Despite the heartbreaks and stress, I realized that I got so many things to be thankful for, and here’s why:

My dearest girlfriends

My dearest girlfriends since the USAP days Guia and Ruby has been a blessing for me. Ever since my first day of work last 2008, we still have this unbreakable bond that we both share in-between rants, coffee breaks and Timezone games. Added to that is our darling baby Raj (My “official” boyfriend) who we all adore so much.

Even though we went on our separate ways, still chasing our dreams while conquering challenges through prayers and coffee breaks at Subspace, our bond will be more strong as time passed by. And I’m very sure that it’ll last for years. Looking forward to that girlfriends!

Reaching out by doing volunteer work

It all started after Angela asked me to do some flyering work for Greentennial Run’s event back then, The Midnight Run. The volunteering work for a running event also gave me an opportunity to get to know TGR’s brainchild, Sir Rovic and to know how event organizing works. I learned a lot from him not just on how race organizing works, but also on how to reach out to help others who are in dire need, just like on what happened in the recent Rescue Run 2012.

Volunteering also gave me a chance to get to know the people in the running community, and also to be part of different running events, like my last volunteer work at the Color Manila Run (which I need to blog about it soon!)

Just a glimpse of what happened in the CMR 2013, it was pure pink fun! 🙂

It was a great opportunity that I would not miss, and I’m thankful that I experience this.

Getting back on track

I’m happy that I get the chance to run again. And this time around, my eye is now set on conquering new distances and new race routes. Last month, I had a chance to run for free after I won a race kit from Little Running Teacher and I had a fun time going (and getting lost) in Nuvali. New route + fun colors + Derek Ramsay + new PR = fun fun fun! 🙂

Looking forward to set foot on more races soon!

Unleashing the meaning of my dreams, and looking to the more brighter side of things

I had this unusual dream that I blogged before that up until now, I still searched for that it really meant. I also had this dream of having my dog take out for a walk, only to discover cobwebs everywhere. The next day after encountered that dream, a close guy friend of mine told me about a certain poser who created a fake profile with my name on it, with all my online links inside. After I read the posts and contents, it made me come back to the nightmare I went before, and how blessed and happy I am today.  God is making a joke on me again, as I thought. But it made me realize that God made me unaware of the profile’s existence at those times, until today.

I’m more happy now with my current state, I’m free and happy with everything around me. No more battered relationships, no more senseless jealousy encounters, no more lies. I’m extremely thankful that God gave me an opportunity to enjoy what life has to offer for me, and most importantly, to find love again.


Finding salvation and peace from friends 

At those trying times, there are some times that I just want to cry because of certain personal things that really hurts. Abby and the whole of my victory group of friends has been a breath of fresh air, they not only helped me on some of my personal problems that made me want to call on defeat, but also they helped me get to know more about our Lord and Savior who has saved us from everything.

Impromptu getaway is always the best 

Last week, I got a chance to be with a guy friend for an impromptu getaway in Tagaytay. Also yesterday, I also had to have a quick meetup with Chay, a close friend of mine since college at the Mall of Asia. it’s a great way to hang up and to catch up with the old times, and what happened to our lives and escapades at work. A great listener and always giving me straight-to-the-point/no-holds-barred advices, Chay is a great friend that I always rely on.

That surprise poster feature 

I was asked to create this poster as a teaser to the upcoming Run for Juan 2013 event. And after Sir rovic has made the official announcement, I was surprised that the poster (not the official blue RFJ poster) has made it to Siguecorrer, Little Running Teacher and’s blog for the said event. It made me want to pursue my plans on taking up a short course in animation and design, and to practice more in my craft. Super happy indeed!

For more information about the Run For Juan 2013, check out my post here. 🙂

Getting lost and found, and finding peace in my current office

It took me a while to love my office situated here at the Enterprise Center. It was a hard time at first to work here, to adjust with my expenses and to find my way going here from Manila. Luckily, I realized that I had so many options to come here the fastest. Jollijeep also is my best friend whenever I’m in a tight budget during lunch breaks, and that hidden bus stop in Makati Avenue has been a big help for me to get home safe and sound.

I also got a chance to get around places near the office during lunch breaks and discover alternative (yet affordable) places to dine and pamper. It was confusing at first but my recent discoveries has made it to my plans to visit on the next pay day. 🙂

Indeed working here at the Enterprise is a great experience. I think I’m gonna love it here. <3

Being thankful, and being faithful to the Lord at all times

(image from This Mommy Life, hi there Mami Rhiz! ~Tala)
My encounter with Abby after our Victory meeting made me realize that we can’t let our problems surpass us, even our faith. I admit that I question God’s plan for me whenever bad things happen to me and to our family, and if we keep our faith strong despite the failures, we can be like Job, who despite everything happened, managed to love and serve the Lord and be rewarded for his love.
Philippians 4:6-7 is also a constant reminder for me. After I entrusted our Lord for the heartbreaks, trials and everything, it made me thankful for I know that God will be there for the better.
Just like Mommy Rhiz said to her Mommy blog, The Lord may not change your situation right away, but He changes you. 
And I did, that’s why I’m thankful.

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