I survived 2017! (new year post I know)


2017 is indeed the most challenging year to date. It is where I had a string of health issues, encountered a lot of financial constraints and trust issues with colleagues that I never knew existed, that makes me demotivated to do anything and everything, blogging included.

2017 is where I found out that I had scoliosis, the constant pain in my back because of the weight has caused this, forcing me to rely on backpacks (I don’t mind really, I was also given a backpack by my Boyfriend last Christmas of 2016) which is really helpful for my things.

2017 is also where I had my very first surgery due to gallstones. My surgeon advised me to have the Laparocolostomy procedure done asap for the pain already reaches my back. It was a risky move, but good thing I did it for I feel much better now than before.

Financial constraints are also included in my list of booboos this year, It’s been a burden to juggle all the finances in the house that I can only pray to God to just make it all disappear.

Yes I did mention that I had some trust issues with people, blame it on the people around me who I think disliked me since day one. In a way, I am thankful that this course is (almost) over because of another chance in life. I should focus and do much, much better, and not to ruin that another chance again.

that is why this year, my goal is to be more braver this year. I remember seeing this hashtag from my former colleague/friend’s IG feed about her wins from last year and her goals for this promising year 2018.

So here are my wins/blessings from last year:

I get to go to Toycon! (and write about it of course!)
I got a new car! (not the die-cast one, but a real one, currently using it for business)
(unintentionally) lost a lot of weight after the surgery
gained new friends at the office who i can rely on (thank you dearies!)
I got to meet my blogger idol Tricia Gosingtian (saving this for another post)
got into the real mountain climbing experience before my birthday

I am thankful to the Lord that I survived 2017 with real battle scars! thank you dear family, #LeBoyf, Coro, blogging friends and office friends for making this possible.

I have no idea what this year has in store for me, I’m just hoping that 2018 will be a good one for me and for my family.

Now off to the #Braver2018!


Cristal is a freelance web developer and content creator. She currently enjoys her freedom while learning new things outside the comforts of the office confines. She enjoys writing her geek exploits, tech innovations and many more. Reach out to her via email at sailorstarcatcher@gmail.com for events and many more!

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