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Let’s go straight to the point: I have qualms about using Novelina herbal hair color, for it looks like some of the hair color products that are cheap yet drying to the hair. But alas, I am fascinated to the results, and more! Let me tell you why I am convinced to this product: Unlike on some of the pricey hair color grands, Novelina hair color is made up of Polygonum Mulltiflorum (fleece flower), Ginseng, Aloe Vera, Moringa Oleifera (malunggay), Silk Powder and Pearl Powder it doesn’t have contain ammonia

Feminine hygiene is something that every woman needs to take care of. Being clean and beautiful inside and out gives me the confidence that I need on a daily basis, especially on those dreaded red days. To all girls, who doesn’t want to have that fresh, clean and comfy down there? Admit it, not having enough protection can give you that icky feeling in our intimate area. I hate it when I feel like I need to be conscious in my movements and on the smells. Being itchy and irritated

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