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BullChef makes me curse a lot in a good way

The original title of this blog post should be: BullChef: mapapamura ka sa sarap! But I had to change it in an instant. True enough, it was one of the best ones that I ever had that I had high praises for. We cursed the food for it’s really damn good. And now I’m craving […]

Lessons from the Professional Blogging Summit

It was nice to learn from the bloggers invited from the Professional Blogging Summit, for I’ve learned something from them that is needed to improve my stint in blogging, from building an online community, to deal with the online monsters and bashers, to transitioning from one niche to another and to use different social media […]

Businesses and Bloggers unite: The Blogapalooza Experience

It’s my first time to attend in a blogging event and I was only expecting talks from known bloggers and their featured products. But to my surprise, it’s more than that. 🙂 Bloggers and businesses volt in!  Blogapalooza is jointly organized by Vince Golangco of When In Manila and Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet. […]

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