Thank you, RoRo and TSM

Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo

It’s been the most stressful elections that I’ve ever witnessed. It is also the elections where I am most involved with, joining the volunteers group and keeping up with the feud that is happening with the presidentiables and its supporters.

I’ve never been this affected. This is the first for me. Mar Roxas losing the elections makes me question so many things. But apart from that, I am thankful that I’ve learned so much in many ways – on how the elections made me realize my choices, on the people around me and on how my choices inspire me to better.

I learned how to be more analytical – through reliable facts and figures, on finding credible sources, on where I should look for and for looking at the right balance. There’s too much black propaganda going on and even celebrities are leaning on to the false information, thanks to the trending sites sprawling online. Good thing my job has been helpful for looking at the rightmost side of things, and not on the irrelevant chismis that doesn’t make any sense/ruins one’s reputation. this lesson is closely related to what I’m currently doing on a daily basis, that’s why it’s the most important to me.

They say that “you are who you vote for” – I have already stated my reasons before on why I chose my candidate and I’m sticking to it. I also realize that respect and decency is something that needs to be mutual in everyone, that letting go of some people is the best thing ever (with blessings and support from colleagues of course!) and unfollowing people from my fb timeline gives me an utmost peace of mind.

It has made me feel better – for myself and for others as well. As stated by Bear grills, volunteering is an investment – because of the willingness to reach out to people and to use my talents in these situations. (read the article, I’ve been watching his shows and this makes perfect sense.)

I will still consider them as the top contender for this elections. I really hope that Leni Robredo will be officially proclaimed as the winner and today,ย  I am happy that Leni officially won the Vice presidential elections (YAY!). Mar Roxas may lost this elections, but his integrity and public service will surely continue, for his outstanding record, skillset and heart is undeniably better than the one who won the highest seat of the land. And I think that this stint will not be his last. I can sense that he’ll be back again soon. I’ll just have to wait for now.

rorololDespite having Du30 as our president-elect, I’m very sure that VP Leni will be a great vice president.ย  I can imagine different crazy/happy scenarios in the next 6 years, referring to the doodle above of course! ๐Ÿ™‚

I also wanna thank The Silent Majority (TSM) and to the people that I’ve met for the good vibes and for helping me as well during the elections. <3

I’m still hoping for the better things to come. <3

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