The intimate date with the Chocolate Queen

My love affair with chocolate began in the simplest form – from our childhood faves Hany and Choc-nut that, to the branded ones that are easily accessible in the groceries, up to the ones that are sought after in the international market.

With the Chocolate Queen, Ms. Rachel Choa

but nothing beats the classic homey taste of our homegrown hot chocolate – also known as sikwate that makes you think of HOME. and this was Ms. Rachel Choa – also known as our homegrown Chocolate queen, and her equally beautiful daughter Hannah – has been given to us during the intimate event at The Manila Hotel. we were able to experience the chocolates that comes in tablea form that is sold at The Manila Hotel’s The Deli – a perfect gift for all chocolate afficionados for the upcoming yuletide season.

The chocolate queen’s passion for chocolates has brought her to different places to showcase our very own chocolate in order to put is in the international scene. with her perseverance and passion, she and her group of friends opened The Chocolate Chamber in 2016. In the same year, Ms. Choa represented the Philippines in the Le Salon de Chocolat in New York.

The Chocolate Queen’s daughter Hannah, serving us her freshly brewed sikwate

The intimate event with Ms. Rachel and Hannah has transported us into the whimsical world of chocolates – that our local variety is indeed world class, that you have to do the 5S (swirl, smell, sip, swish and swallow) in order to enjoy our hot chocolate, and there are many varieties of hot chocolate that we can experience, enjoy, and can be proud of.

World-Class Hot chocolate available at The Manila Hotel

Go ahead and treat yourself to some high-quality chocolates and take pride in the local artisans behind them. The Manila Hotel proudly serves Ms. Choa’s tablea for our chocolate drink, which goes perfectly well with our Filipino Festive Merienda served at The Lobby Lounge.

And while you’re at it, you might also want to check out The Manila Hotel’s other offerings such as our Pasalubong Boxes of assorted Danish, that makes a perfect gifting idea for loved ones and friends here and abroad. They are great as corporate gifts, too.

The Deli’s Christmas Corner also features stuff that people will definitely appreciate, from Food For the Gods, The Manila Hotel chocolate bars, Santa chocolate bars to other Christmas chocolates in various sizes. The Deli also carries the hotel’s amazing Cake Creations that can be a true highlight of your Christmas or New Year table, and can be bought over the counter, or pre-ordered for pick up or delivery.

Choose from any of our curated gift idea sets. Plan your Christmas shopping ahead. Call us at 85270011 or 0998-9501912.

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