The makings of being my someone special

All my life, I’ve been searching for a person who can be my other half for the rest of my life. But the things that I’m looking for in a man is, I think is very unusual for the ones that most girls want for their dream guy.

(No it’s not you Hanagata! *facepalm!*)
My “dream guy” at first, can be seen in the likes of Tuxedo Mask, Tamahome, Kazehaya Shouta, Mr. Darcy, Derek Ramsay, Gabby Concepcion, David Cook and Antonio Banderas. I know that I cannot find a perfect guy like the first four ones that I mentioned, for they are likely to be seen in my favorite anime series (and in Mr. Darcy’s case, he’s in Pride and Prejudice :P). The remaining guys that I mentioned on the other hand, are my  potential showbiz crushes that I think they are worth fantasizing, I mean they had the looks, the talent and those wonderful lovely eyes that I’ve ever seen.

But enough of the daydreaming, and let’s start the real post shall we?
The qualities of my ideal guy can be seen in those guys that I mentioned above, but it has to be real. He has to be real, alive and breathing. This guy doesnt need to have the charming artista looks, or the perfect pan de sal/6-pack abs or the perfect tenor or baritone voice, but he doesnt need to be ridiculously ugly or obese either. This ideal guy doesn’t need to be filthy rich, but I don’t want to seek for someone who can’t even afford to guy a stick of cigarette for his own vices.
For somehow, I’m looking for someone who has the heart. A heart for our Lord and the people around him, especially for his family. Someone who is responsible enough for his own actions, a person who can be a leader and a team player at the same time. A person who has a heart to understand people’s feelings and a person who can do everything to protect the ones that he loves the most.
This person needs to be just right for me. Nothing more, nothing less.
(I think I’m watching too many Korean and Jdorama romance series lately, lol!)
*to be continued
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