The need for Savings Calculator

Who would’ve thought that my savings since 2020 will be drastically changed?

Since the lockdown started, and now the inflation and the skyrocketing prices of food and basic needs, we are forced to have a tight grip on my savings, cutting off unnecessary expenses that are initially allocated for my insurance, hobbies, and unnecessary emergencies.

With that, I have to think ahead of my finances, and good thing there’s a savings calculator that helps me in keeping track of my expenses and much-needed savings.

So what makes this savings calculator different from the rest?

I have future goals for savings, travel, and retirement. the latter one is the most important for I would like to enjoy my retirement with my hard-earned money and savings, and most importantly, is to not rely on my future spouse and/or kids (if ever I’ll be getting one in the future) for finances and deprived them of enjoying their youth. As much as possible, I would like to live independently while they will have their own lives and savings as well.

The savings calculator has the option to calculate compound interest for the number of years in case you have a regular deposit and to anticipate the interest that you’ll be getting in the long run.

There’s also an option to set goals in your savings, investment, and retirement as well.

if in case you want to set goals for your children’s college fund, there’s an option as well to check how much savings you need for the kid’s dream school.   

I am thankful that I get to try the savings calculator for my savings and investment needs. It is free for use, with a clear explanation of how to use it and calculations that is a big help for us who are not well-versed in some terms.

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