The other side of running

I started running as a leisurely sport in 2010 and I fell in love with it. It was my supermodel friend Isshi who introduced me to the sport as a way to shed some pounds. And it’s definitely more fun to look at the guys with supermodel abs, men with artistahin looks and modelesque girls while running lol!

But seriously, I like the sudden change of scenery whenever I run and and how the wind touches my face as I dashed off along with other runners. It reminds me of my memories in the secluded island while in the company outing, where me and Guia went off on the other side of the island just to get the glimpse of the wonderful sunset view in Potipot. It was indeed tiring but I felt a sense of accomplishment whenever I run.

But few months ago, I learned about the other side of running.

Gelay has introduced me to Animo Events, and they had well-known organized fun runs here and there. Sir Rovic welcomed me to his loving arms (chos!) and leaned on the basics, from flyering on different organized runs, promoting them online, volunteering and leading the team. it was surely tiring but after my first try, it was fulfilling and fun. And aside from its perks (yay for freebies!) I gained new friends and learned from them, for they are more experienced when it comes to running on longer distances.

I’m looking forward for more organized runs and I’m happy to be part of the team. Thank you Sir Rovic for this wonderful opportunity! <3

BTW, here’s the pic from the Midnight Run lol!

(News link from GMA and ABS-CBN: pic from Running Photographers FB)


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