There is so much to be thankful for (birthday/christmas/comeback post)

So here I am, typing this entry at the comforts of my own home as I wait for my time to clock out for my shift. Yes I am working at home, but this is one of the perks in my new office in Eastwood. Well temporary WFH setup for now, coz holiday season. 😛

I also find it comforting to celebrate my birthday without any festivities. (birthday’s a week before Christmas, surprise!) Hiding my birthday on my personal fb is the best decision ever, I don’t get to reply on my friends’ greetings (annual tedious task swear!) and I get to avoid “spam” on my wall lol! But seriously, I’d rather do this moving forward, and let the “real ones” greet me on my day (that is kung naalala talaga nila na ngayon talaga birthday ko wahahaha) (also wala akong takas sa greetings sa office, coz BluePages, Linkedin and Viber)

I’ve come a long way since last year. Looking back, I realized that I made a right choice to take the risk and simply follow my heart. I’ve been unprepared financially and it’s been taking a toll of my expenses up until now, and my goal starting this month is to pay for them all next year. God-willing, I’ll be cleared before 2020 ends, to continue my obligations (i.e. my insurance plans that I got in my former office, for example) to prepare for my next set of plans. (solo travel/hiking again maybe, or even another set of recreational lessons i.e. piano/guitar/swimming lessons)

Thankful that I survived many storms from this year. From being unemployed for almost 11 months (the longest ever) to surviving the intensive 6-month web dev bootcamp in Zuitt, even overcoming heartbreaks and a loss of a dear friend, depression spells to being worthless for the time being. My trusted gadgets for years also left me for good since mid-october (my 3 yo ASUS Selfie that I’ve been using for b/vlogging, my sister’s laptop that I’ve been using religiously since the bootcamp days)

I also celebrate my own victories and appreciate the blessings. Still thankful for having that amazing vacation in ElYu with my kumare and Boyfriend, to be a guest with Boyfriend on a scenic Christian wedding in a farm resort in Quezon, that very first article in a broadsheet newspaper, finishing the grueling 6-month bootcamp, getting that first web dev sideline, and even landing on a job as a UI developer in one of the largest IT companies in the world.  

I didn’t make it to the official graduation, but I finished the requirements to get this elusive certificate! you are so worth it, thank you Zuitt!

 (I’ll create a separate entry for the Zuitt bootcamp in a coming days)

I joined The Big Blue weeks ago as a developer (finally!!!) and it’s been a roller-coaster ride so far, and I’m still adjusting on the new work schedule and the culture inside the office. I’m still learning the ropes, but I’m getting there. But right now I’ve been running like a headless chicken coz sleep deprivation. I appreciate you guys giving me melatonin meds for a better sleep please? 😊

Basta ang alam ko is that I’m still a work in progress as a developer, and I am still improving. I have a lot to give up while on this process (toxic groups/people), been neglecting on my blogger duties (apologies to my PR friends, will post everything before the year ends now that we have a “Christmas vacation”) and a lot to be thankful for, both in Zuitt and in The Big Blue.

lol he gave me a lollipop during the interview (that was during the office halloween festivities)

You might not be reading this, but thank you, Boss A for welcoming me to The Big Blue. (and belated happy birthday! I won’t forget your birthday for it coincides with my onboarding day)

With Sir Renz. To those planning to enroll, swerte ninyo kung siya magiging instructor ninyo <3

Thank you Zuitt and to Sir Renz and Mam Chris for helping me jumpstart my career (again) as a web developer, such a lifechanger!

Batch 22 peeps with Mam Chris 🙂

Thank you fellow bootcampers for keeping me sane during the almost 8-months bootcamping journey. Reunion soonest pls <3

Beshies for life, Nekomimi and Hermalditaness
Forever Soprano Sister Ate Jane, thank you for all the help, for the prayers and for keeping up with me despite the distance and conflicting schedules.

Thank you, dearest friendships. You keep me sane and you always remind me to never give up! (BFFs Bian and Guia, Ate Jane, my MetroBabes Mac, Hoshi and Joy, Gelay and Eric, Axl and MJ and many others)

Thank you family for being there, I love you.

Thank you #LeBoyf. For everything. ILYSM.

So what’s next for this blog?

Can I say that my interest in web development actually started in this very blog? My self-exploration in creating this website from scratch has paved its way into my web dev career. Thankful that I’m still here (and this blog still alive since 2012) and It’s been a discovery of some sorts, slowly but surely. from the content creation to website development/design/management. This platform will stay, and so is its purpose.

I’ve created tons of blogs using different platforms (tumblr, blogspot, wordpress subdomain) but this is my first baby and I am thankful for everything that this blog has done to me.

I don’t have enough followers on this blog and on my social media (hindi talaga ako digital marketing person to promote my blog) as I want this platform to grow organically. I want to stay true to my writings, my reviews and my feelings. I am at my happiest whenever I’m on geek events (mostly conventions) and I get excited on the newest trends, thus I’d like to write more on the geekery and tech innovations, and to grow with the tech gurus and weabos.

But I can still write for lifestyle, as long as I believe in the brand and it has helped me in many ways.

To end this post, I’d like to say THANK YOU for reading this post and for still sticking up with me.

With love,


Cristal is a freelance web developer and content creator. She currently enjoys her freedom while learning new things outside the comforts of the office confines. She enjoys writing her geek exploits, tech innovations and many more. Reach out to her via email at for events and many more!

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