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New day, new decade. And I still have no idea what to expect on the coming days.

I’ve been a scaredy cat as I approached in my 30’s (O_o) but what the heck, the best thing I needed to do is to hope for the best for the upcoming days, to enjoy what life has to offer for me and to be eternally thankful for all the blessings that comes along the way.

(To my dearest friends, thank you sa burpday greetings! Will answer all your greetings sa fb on sunday ah!)

Wanna know how I celebrated my natal day? I started the celebration last friday the 13th, so here’s how it goes! (I’ll be blogging on some of them soon! prepare for my first travel post!)

the last picture taken on my months-old Samsung S3 China ripoff phone 😛

12/13: bought a new phone, hurray! Starmobile Diamond D1 has all the things that I am looking for (well almost!) when it comes to its specs. Front and back cameras are clear, with great settings like those from the actual digital camera (no need for camera 360 btw!) the phone is already quad core, scratch resistant and long lasting! it costs at almost 8k, seems to be pricey (for me) but definitely worth it. 🙂

we (me and my office barkada) were invited by Claudia’s sweet escape to her pad. I went there after I bought the phone from Megamall (frakkk the ghastly friday the 13th payday traffic!)  and had a merriment of all sorts on her pad together with her fiance and her darling little baby boy.

Twin beds for me ONLY!

12/14: Went on a lone trip to Tagaytay! I was actually planning on filing for a hallf day leave at that time but I was not feeling well in the morning 🙁 Went out very late and took a bus going to Olivarez, rode a trike going to my hotel, checked-in at One Tagaytay Place (the one that I’ve won from Enjoy Philippines during Blogapalooza)and planned my overnight itinerary. It was scary (especially for my friends and for my mama, plan’s almost cancelled because of her and was bombarded with so many questions, nyawr!) but it’s a great way to relax and be in touch with myself.

Love my room, the cold midnight drizzle, the comfy little bed and the hotel’s accommodating staff! WIFI’s fast and they had Animax on their cable! I miss watching Anime marathons for the longest time! <3

12:15: Tranquil mornings in Tagaytay is love! Woke up and had a buffet breakfast at the hotel (their buffet breakfast reminds me a lot of the buffet breakfast from Dulcinea, they had more choices nga lang!) found out that there’s a more accessible (and more cheaper) way on going to the Pink Sisters, prayed on their church, went on soul searching at the Angel’s Hills, bought pasalubongs, checked out at the hotel and dropped by at the Tagaytay overlooking before riding the bus going home. But instead of going straight at home, I went to CCP instead to sing with the Madrigals at their Aurum concert.

MADZ’s technical rehearsals with THE Lani Misalucha #FanGirl

We were only the four of us representing Coro at the MADZ Et Al performance at the concert, and since I’m the only girl in the group, Tedon do the honors on beautifying me with his make-up expertise! Love his ultra MAC make up set! <3

12/16: Start of Simbang Gabi! The choir is assigned to sing in the church’s serenade, singing christmas carols before the start of the mass itself. (and i don’t mind being a zombie at work lol! XD)

12/17: Van service’s christmas party! Ate Marian, along with fellow passengers planned on having a christmas party somewhere in Manila. We chose to have it at Pizza Hut, got their Monster deal and exchange gifts. I got a Guadalupe display from Ate Marian (our driver)  and love it to bits! She told me that Our Lady of Guadalupe is a patron for pregnant women (and in my case, I’ll be needing that in the far, far future hohoho!)

Bloggers present!
Bloggers present!

12/18: Unexpected surprises! Been receiving gifts from my boss (thanks for the GC Ralph!) and received a call that I’ve won gala night passes to the Circus Vargas! Went out early after work to meet up with fellow bloggers to watch the premiere of Dukit at the Glorietta. (Thank you sa invites Axl!)

**To be continued until the 25th!

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