Understanding Motorcycle Glove Fitment 


Motorcycle riding is one of the most venturesome activities and needs the rider to be adequately protected to avoid any casualty and fatality. Outfitting yourself with the best motorcycle armor inserts and protective clothing can save you from painful and even fatal situations.

Motorcycle gloves

Many beginner bikers consider gloves to be an unimportant accessory as it can get hot and uncomfortable wearing a pair. However, motorcycle gloves are one of the most important motorcycle safety gear as it protects your hands from being in direct contact and also provides a better grip; thereby reducing the stress on the hands.

Gloves are mostly made using materials like leather, textile and mesh. Kevlar or synthetic leather is fast becoming popular these days.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Motorcycle Gloves

You can’t just jump into buying the coolest looking motorcycle gloves or the ones your biking friends recommend. Picking the right set of gloves is important for your safety and for your comfort. A lot of factors should be considered when you look at motorcycle gloves sale and we outlined the questions you should ask yourself to better narrow down what you should be looking for in your motorcycle gloves.

  • What type of motorcycle riding are you into most of the time?
  • How many hours do you ride for on average?
  • What sort of weather do you ride in most of the time?
  • Do you ride on-road or off-road?
  • What’s your riding style? Do you ride aggressively or do you cruise?
  • What is your budget?

Gloves Fitment

Gloves that fit right are more comfortable -you can control your bike easier with better grip and if they don’t, you could actually cause more damage in an accident.   You don’t want a glove that is too tight as this puts too much pressure on seams. In the event of an accident, they are more likely to burst open and cause injuries to your hands – which is something that you must avoid.  Similarly a glove that is too big on your hand is likely to not give you the best protection you need. The glove may even slip out of your during an accident.

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