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Zilingo app on Android

I had a chance to try on Zilingo through a friend of mine., as it is one of the new e-commerce sites around that features fashion apparel for all. I like their selections as they are all affordable and unique, and just recently they have launched their app for those whose who are into mobile shopping.

Now let’s take a look.

No idea if the Zilingo app is also available on IOS, but good thing it’s available on Google play.

also in order to access the app, a stable wifi or data connection is needed.

First impressions

The user interface of the Zilingo App has a direct approach – it has a clean and polished look and I can navigate easily throughout the app without the feeling of getting lost, thanks to the image carousel for the categories and choices of items that are currently on sale on the site.

I just hope that the image carousel for the categories (on top) were much bigger, and arrows for navigation for the image carousel were alot more visible without hurting the design of the app (a bit translucent maybe? but the dots were really helpful.)

Zilingo’s sidebar menu is also easy to understand as well, thanks to the dividers that separates the categories and my account details on the app.

Now Let’s login

Good thing they also have an option to create an account through social media, particularly on using Facebook. the option to create an account using the standalone email is also available, I think it’ll be best to have another set of authentication (like sms verification) to make the account more secure.

Let’s shop for items na

As a newbie for this app, the first thing to do is to navigate on the items that are on sale (lol coz i’m frugal like that), This Marvel Avengers sleeveless top caught my attention, so let’s add this to cart shall we?

Just like iin other online shopping apps, each product has a option to view the items on a different view. I think it’s best if they also indicate the exact measurements of the items on hand, just to be sure with the items that I’ll be buying is of the exact fit.

Add to cart/checkout

the add to cart and checkout feature also has a straightforward approach, and they have an option to include multiple mailing addresses in case I want to have my purchases delivered on a different address.

Also, options for alternative modes of payment is a plus factor for me, especially if I want to purchase the products via COD (cash on delivery) or through other mode of payments (credit/debit card, online payment, kiosk payment)

So far, my experience in using the Zilingo android app is ok for me. seamless, functional and aesthetically pleasing for me as a user. Minor improvements are needed but it’s more on the aesthetics that affects the user experience of the mobile app, but thankfully, I find no glitches, questionable add-ons and erratums along the way.

Want to shop on Zilingo? Download the mobile app on Google Play.

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