Waiting to exhale

Last week, I’m in the state of not knowing what to do because of the certain situation that had occurred.

I learned everything by accident. After I heard the news I realized that I need to act as if I didn’t know, while I know everything about the current state that might affect the person’s actions and behavior.

I keep mum for weeks, but I never realized that keeping the thing to yourself is much harder than to speak out and be part of someone else’s journey. It breaks my heart to see this person whose life is now slowly fading away, not knowing when will his sickness will trigger and affect his life and sadly, end its journey here on this world.

As much as possible, I want to be away from my comfort zone and just run away, just to forget the hurt that was slowly killing my heart. I hate it when depression kicks in out of the blue, and there are times that I just cry all of a sudden.

Yesterday as I went to VCF, I talked to my former officemate/close friend/prayer partner Gaby about what happened and I’m almost into tears. Everything just fell into place and she made me realize that our good Lord wants us to realize that whatever happens, we must keep our hearts intact and to rely on him all the time. She also made me realized that this a test of faith for all of us and tells me the the story of Job, that trials may come at the worst situations in our lives but if we keep on loving, serving and praying to our God despite all of these, good things will follow through and God will reward us for having him in our hearts.

I can’t help but to be thankful for Gaby for helping me unload my burden. She’s been one of my biggest blessings in my life, for she has helped me countless times on everything.

Thanks again Gaby, for being there. 🙂

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