What I felt after volunteering for the Rescue Run 2012

(R-L: Me, Amor, Eric and Rowena handling the on-site registration. Image from Running Photographers FB page)

One word – Overwhelming.

I must say, this one has touched my heart to the core. To be part of the Rescue Run 2012 committee is just… wow.

It was organized for only 12 days. Sir Rovic and the rest of the Greentennial Volunteer heads come up with the plan to make the Rescue Run different from other organized fun runs in the country.

And it was indeed one spectacular event to the running community.

One of the things that makes the Rescue Run 2012 stand out is the idea of having Zumba before and after the race. It was a nice change compared to the usual 5-minute warm-up exercises just before the gun starts. Another thing is the recognition awarding for runners, bloggers, photographers and running groups/teams who stand out on different running events.

There are also some perks for runners that can only be seen on Greentennial runs – recognitions for barefoot runners, the N2 ramp and Coach Michelle Estuar’s power challenge. 🙂

But what makes it stand out (for me) is the surprising number of runners who are there for a cause. Since Rescue Run 2012 is a run for a cause for those affected by Typhoon Pablo victims in Mindanao, I was overwhelmed by the number of volunteers who are there to lend a hand on the said cause. Another thing that surprised me is the number of runners who joined in, the amount of monetary donations generated and the in-kind donations that came in for those being hit by the typhoon.

I’m thankful that I’m being part of this historic running event, thanks to Sir Rovic and to the Greentennial team. I’m also thankful for my fellow volunteers who are also present in the event (shoutout to Gelay lol!) and to our dear Lord for making this event a huge success! And for the Typhoon Pablo victims This run’s for you.

News link about the Rescue Run 2012 can be found >>> HERE! 

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