What makes me busy these days?

Hello there, I may not be as active as other bloggers out there, but I am still here, just being busy with my everyday life, but I think I am in a much better state than before.

Ever since the pandemic began, things have gone for the worse. I have to (forcefully) have to rebuild myself from scratch while looking for the things that makes me ok. It’s like looking for the perfect Ikigai to make things in full circle.

Fast forward, it’s been getting better. Work may not be the most stable since I’m now a remote worker for foreign clients, but I’ve never been this free. I now have time to rest, take it easy, to rebuild, to grow, to improve for the next project, to take other projects – in other words, there is PROGRESS. And it keeps getting better.

With this, I was able to take other non-work related tasks that I never get to do, to acquire things that I think is a great investment (and helped me to be more productive), to do my extracurriculars on a regular basis, and to acquire things that makes me happy. Here are some things that I’d like to share:

I was able to rebuild my Sailor Moon Funko Pop collection. The Inners I got it in 2016 when the first set of pops went out, and it was the best decision to have them early (my pops are already vaulted, and they are valued 4-5x the original price. The outers and the special edition pops I got them from resellers and other Moonie friends who wants to rehome their babies. I am still looking for Sailor Neptune and Queen Beryl pop atm!

I was also able to acquire a fake funko pop HAHAHAH! But I still keep her as a filler for I am still looking for the Sailor Neptune pop, should I make a comparison blog about legit and fake pops? Let me know!

I bought an office table! I really need to have my own workspace for obvious reasons, and working in bed makes me sleepy and my back aches a lot when working for long hours. My sister has her own office table but I since she’s also on a WFH setup I can’t use her workstation.

I also need to have my place on a shared room for my things, so this will muna for now. Workstation revamp is still a work in progress but I’m getting there!

Having a mechanical keyboard is a GAME CHANGER! No wonder there is a demand for a mechanical keyboard nowadays, the ease of typing for hours along with the typing ASMR (so much to my sister’s dismay wahahah!) ok will reserve the much-lengthy review on this new toy on the next blog.

some of the crazy-ass selfies that I did in-between takes lol, and those vids? mostly bloopers lol

More time for virtual choirs – this is my own version of tiktok hahaha! But I have a tiktok account (follow at your own risk, less content for now, still learning the ropes on editing tiktok vids) More of this in my next set of post (about my struggles, challenges and many more)

And now for my wishlist for my office station additions:

Malapit na birthday ko, Bekenemen pls pls pls <3 #WishList #Manifesting on superb quality wireless bluetooth over-ear headphones

Audio Tecnica over-ear Bluetooth headphones – I am for quality surround sound experience while in a work mode. And I am seriously considering the brand for its rave reviews and it’s been a recommendation from my artist friends and tech friends as well.

90’s Sailor Moon has been my kind of aesthetic that I am looking for in decorating my office desk

Extended Mousepad – The one with scenes from the Sailor Moon series will do (absolutely love the watercolor aesthetics)

I have one already but I love this one and those pudding keycaps that I think looks amazing on the RGB keyboard

Cutesy keycaps – cos I like cute and functional keycaps, not that I find the mechanical keyboards too boring or plain, but if I have an extra budget then I’m ok with having my keyboard personalized. (but tbh this is more of a luho than a necessity)

I am ok with only having the stand, I can ditch the green screen cloth with my trusty beige background for virtual choir recording purposes.

Green screen stand – for my virtual choirs, zoom calls and meetings. But will replace the green screen into the beige/white cloth for mostly virtual choir purposes (I only have weekly meetings with the client that only requires audio so less stress for me lol). This can also be used by my sister who does webinar setups for her office.

I may add more but maybe soon as I still have other ideas on my current workstation setup. But for now I’ll only include the things that “sparks joy” as Marie Kondo calls it, as I would like to bring balance to my work and in my extracurriculars. 😊

Everything that I currently have in my workstation today is from Shopee! And my wishlist is now on my cart, so that if I have an extra budget, it’ll be easy for me to checkout everything.

Hope you enjoy my update, hope you are all safe and take care!

*** all screenshots are from Shopee! no links for now unless I am now one of their affiliates then I’ll share my best buys from this platform. 🙂

Cristal is a freelance web developer and content creator. She currently enjoys her freedom while learning new things outside the comforts of the office confines. She enjoys writing her geek exploits, tech innovations and many more. Reach out to her via email at sailorstarcatcher@gmail.com for events and many more!

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