What you missed – BazKet Manila!


Last Oct. 29, I was able to drop by at the SMX to check out BazKet manila at the SMX Convention Center.

Bazket Manila is a 3-day bazaar showcasing local novelty items, handicrafts, artisanal food and gift items that is perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

Sad that I missed the scribble workshop, but they also offer free basic crochet workshop, social enterprise talks, green housekeeping workshop and basic brush lettering tutorials for all participants.

Check out the pics and the things that I got from Bazket Manila below:


I like that they have gifts and materials available for sale, but I’m really hoping that next year, they will offer more things and materials for hobbyist and gift items since they already offer free workshops for some hobbies.

For more of the upcoming events from BazKet Manila and SMX, don’t forget to like the SMX on Facebook for updates!

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