Writing is not really my cup of tea

I’m not good in writing. In fact, I”m not good in playing with words and not that great in constructing sentences in a jiff. I just love to read, from different kinds of books to reading blogs that caught my attention. I like to get more information on something interesting, and fiction books made me think of me being in another world where the characters are becoming a reality.

If you had read some of my previous blogs from various blogging platforms, I sort of blogging just to breathe out some negative vibes most of the time. And there are times that there are some events or hobbies that made me feel happy and at ease. And there are some times when I want to shout out my feelings to someone in a romantic way, knowing that there is no way this person will know how I really feel.

For now I’m finding ways to write even though I’m now working as a freelancer for a time being, while looking for an office based job where the schedule is perfect, so that I could take up night classes in the soonest possible time.

All my goals are now set, so it is either I’ll get used to this home based setup or having an early morning office job real quick!

Well anyway, I need to fix my camera phone so that I could motivate myself to write more, even if it’s not really my cup of tea.

Till then!

Cristal is a freelance web developer and content creator. She currently enjoys her freedom while learning new things outside the comforts of the office confines. She enjoys writing her geek exploits, tech innovations and many more. Reach out to her via email at sailorstarcatcher@gmail.com for events and many more!

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