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I had a chance to visit the Zipmatch booth from Blogapalooza and they feature their website. I thought that it’s yet another real estate site, well I was wrong.

About Zipmatch

Zipmatch makes things easier for property onlookers, for they offer comprehensive information on the properties available. May it be a property for sale or for rent, ZipMatch can deliver results in less than 5 minutes.

They also offer expert advise, tips, news on real estate trends and many more. Property finders, brokers and developers may find it useful in house hunting for their client’s new home.

Zipmaps feature: flood-free guide to your future home


One thing that amazes me is ZipMatch’s interactive feature called Zipmaps. It shows the available property’s location to the nearest establishments the site will also check on flood-prone areas.


Upon checking the site itself, it really shows flood prone areas shaded in yellow and pink. this feature wins it all from other property sites, It’s one useful feature to check on properties that are absolutely flood-free. Who would want to live a house that is submerged in flood?

Do check on the ZipMaps feature here:

As a SEO, I’ve been keen on checking the website’s technicality, functionality, design and its contents. So far so good, the site is well-designed, optimized and user-friendly.

Do visit their website to find out more!


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