Still hoping, still waiting, still relying on God’s perfect plan

4 months and counting.

Months after my graceful exit, I’ve made my move of redeeming myself and starting my life anew again. I know that it’s been that long, but i’m getting used to it.

There are so many things that happened in this past few months. Sleep adjustments. Mom’s operation. House errands. Job applications here and there. School assignments. Online work gig. (and the list goes on and on and on… )

And despite all the setbacks, I still rely on God’s plan for me. I still pray for my plans to work out, to sustain my everyday needs and to help me fight for my everyday struggles. I admit that I’m having a hard time right now on my finances, but I know in my heart that it’ll be ok in the end.

Thank you Lord, that despite everything I’ve been through right now, you gave me the strength to move on, to trust in you and love my life more. I know that it’ll be worth it in the end. And because of that, I am more than thankful. I love you dear Lord, and thanks again.

Love and Thursdays

This is one of the most memorable Thursdays I’ve ever had! <3

Started the day by waking up earlier than usual, went to St Jude with Jet, made friends with one of his Law school classmates (hi Joey!), had an impromptu ukay-ukay shopping with Mama, and kulitan time with my cute patootie niece. Who would not love this huggable cupcake?
I’m blessed and thankful for this day because of the people involved for this day. Looking forward for many more Thursdays like this! <3


God is writing my love story

(from Abby’s blog)

Let me tell you something about love.

I decided to take another chance in love. Years after I’ve been in a failed relationship, I decided to love myself more, to enjoy the beauty that surrounds me, the freedom to move, the freedom to roam around and to do things without someone stopping me from doing the things that I love. This is something that I was deprived of from my last relationship, to do the things that I love before, to be with my friends until wee hours of the morning, having coffee and/or booze, having some quality time together and to catch up with what’s happening in our daily lives.

I am more closer to God than I’ve ever been, and now I’m more connected and somehow, I feel renewed for He’s giving me the chance to redeem myself from the nightmare that I’ve experienced before. I’m thankful for the people who has helped me to be more closer to the Lord, to live with His message and to be more Christian Catholic. (will post about that later on… )

Inspired from my friends and other bloggers, I decided to give love another shot. But this time around, I will let God to write my love story, and hopefully it’ll end up with a “happy ever after”

To be continued…

Nature inspired

To travel on different places is one of the things in my wish list, and last Sept 8, not only did I travel with my Mom (and the rest of her churchmates), I take part on helping mother nature.

Sept. 8 marks the Blessed Virgin Mary’s birthday and in celebration of this event, Mom was asked to represent her church organization to take part of the tree planting event in La Mesa Ecopark.
in preview
 The seedlings
I managed to tag along lol!
placing the seedlings
Plant trees, make fun!
My poor old Chucks ;__;
the greenery 
Sorely tired feet

We went to a 30-minute walk/trail hike through the forest and braved the muddy slippery terrains. Though we all came unprepared, it’s a good thing that mom and I wore closed shoes as we walked through the muddy grass and stones, while holding the Magohany, Molave and Bignay seedlings. And together with the other representatives from different parishes, we planted the seedlings that we held in our bare hands.

It was a rewarding experience for me to take part of the tree planting project. Not only did we enjoy the grand scenery of tall trees, but also we enjoyed the nature hike trail. It’s nice to get down and dirty once in a while and be away from the city, to look around at what mother nature has offered to us and to be thankful that I took part of the church project. It may be a small thing to do but this will do great wonders to our Mother Nature.

I will definitely do this again! 🙂

Reunited, and it feels so good

My life as a freelancer has made me isolated from my friends who are now working from their respective offices, and I can’t help it but to get bored from my online work most of the time. That’s why I usually checked on  their Facebook, update on my Twitter while having a chat on them while working. (Dear clients, if you are reading this pls do understand/iamsorry)

That’s why if there’s any opportunity to mingle with them I will go out and have a time or two to have a chat, to play around and to catch up with what’s happening in our daily lives.

I’m happy that I’m able to reconnect with my University classmates few months ago, and I’m happy that we’re now successful in our chosen careers.

the girls. circa 2001
the boys, circa 2001
us today, July 2012
Fresh out of high school, I met with these crazy group of guys and gals coming from different schools. We may have different goals, views and personalities… but one thing’s for sure, we still managed to keep in touch years after we got our college diploma and to bid farewell to our dearest Alma mater. <3
And last week, I went to a mini get together with my former USAP officemates…
It was a leaning experience to work with them. I mastered the art of internet marketing with these crazy beautiful team of people, and I must say that I’m thankful that I learned a lot from them. To stay at US Auto Parts for almost 3 years is one of the most rewarding experience indeed. Good company + great people + healthy office environment = fun fun fun!

I’m happy that we still keep in touch, hope to see you again soon!