The makings of being my someone special

All my life, I’ve been searching for a person who can be my other half for the rest of my life. But the things that I’m looking for in a man is, I think is very unusual for the ones that most girls want for their dream guy.

(No it’s not you Hanagata! *facepalm!*)
My “dream guy” at first, can be seen in the likes of Tuxedo Mask, Tamahome, Kazehaya Shouta, Mr. Darcy, Derek Ramsay, Gabby Concepcion, David Cook and Antonio Banderas. I know that I cannot find a perfect guy like the first four ones that I mentioned, for they are likely to be seen in my favorite anime series (and in Mr. Darcy’s case, he’s in Pride and Prejudice :P). The remaining guys that I mentioned on the other hand, are my  potential showbiz crushes that I think they are worth fantasizing, I mean they had the looks, the talent and those wonderful lovely eyes that I’ve ever seen.

But enough of the daydreaming, and let’s start the real post shall we?
The qualities of my ideal guy can be seen in those guys that I mentioned above, but it has to be real. He has to be real, alive and breathing. This guy doesnt need to have the charming artista looks, or the perfect pan de sal/6-pack abs or the perfect tenor or baritone voice, but he doesnt need to be ridiculously ugly or obese either. This ideal guy doesn’t need to be filthy rich, but I don’t want to seek for someone who can’t even afford to guy a stick of cigarette for his own vices.
For somehow, I’m looking for someone who has the heart. A heart for our Lord and the people around him, especially for his family. Someone who is responsible enough for his own actions, a person who can be a leader and a team player at the same time. A person who has a heart to understand people’s feelings and a person who can do everything to protect the ones that he loves the most.
This person needs to be just right for me. Nothing more, nothing less.
(I think I’m watching too many Korean and Jdorama romance series lately, lol!)
*to be continued

Thursday I’m in love

There is something about Thursdays that made me fall in love. <3

It’s not about being the day before the much awaited weekend, or about being  just another ordinary weekday. It can be an ordinary sunny or rainy (or sometimes stormy) day, but it is the time where I get to celebrate this “yet ordinary” day and make it into something special…

like going to the mass in the morning
finishing my chores and my work on time
having my favorite home cooked meal
hanging out with my friends
having myself surprised because of the sudden turn of events (or even unexpected visitors)
being with someone closest to my heart

Thursdays for me is special because of the Lord and the people who chose to be by my side through think and thin. These are the people who I met from all walks of life and has left a mark on me in a good way.

So I want to say to my friends (and to my dearie) THANK YOU, for making my thursdays special. Jetaime mein mignon.

Today I realized…

That I can be like St. Pedro Calungsod, one of the newly-beatified saints (and the second Filipino saint) in the Roman Catholic church.

(crappy photo is crappy, I miss my old SE phone boo hoo hoo!)

If you’re following his journey, he’s been doing missionary work, teaching God’s word and evangelize people from the Landrones islands at such an early age, even died in the hands of the local villagers while baptizing the infant baby girl from the said remote island.

His legacy and spiritual life is admirable. And because of his love for our Lord, his life and martyrdom is being recognized by the Roman Catholic church along with Diego Luis de San Vitores, who also died with him during those trying times.

Somehow, I also realized that I missed serving the church, to sing and to be part of the happy church community. I’m thankful for my friends who are also with me to be part of them, to spread the good news of our Lord and to serve them, just like what St. Pedro did.

His life and works, along with my church’s teachings makes me want to be a Catechist – loving God, being true to my faith, having an intimate relationship with the Lord, spreading the love… but all of these is simply a part of a plan (for now) but then, let’s wait and see…


I know that I made a lot of grammar and spelling errors in my previous blog posts and in my Facebook status messages, and it’s embarrassing to see my own post full of misspelled words and grammar errors, being seen online.

That is why – I wanna learn. I want to correct my mistakes. I want to be understood. I want to be politically correct to everyone who reads my post here and on my Twitter and Facebook account.

Somehow, the picture above makes perfect sense.

I’d rather use MS Office’s autocorrect for grammar and spelling errors. I’d rather Google things to see if I spelled the word correctly. I’d rather be a grammar nazi to my friend’s status messages and blog posts that I think it needs to be improved than to ignore their nonsensical posts, and be a kontrabida to them for what I’m doing. And if they don’t want to be corrected (and will tell me that they did that for joking purposes) then it only means one thing.

THEY DON’T WANT TO LEARN. (And they wanna be a big IDIOT to everyone seeing your post).

So there.



The things that we can do for love

Last night, me and my college friends went out for a night of fun, friendship and adventure.

We went out on a park, having a chit chat about our lives and happenings, went for a 5km walk going to Mercatto Centrale just to eat isaw (it’s huge and it’s worth the money! nom nom nom), rode on a “killer bus” just to see one of our broken hearted friends, have a drink and went home before the day breaks.
It was sad though, that we never had any pictures of our current misadventure. But then despite the emo and heartbreaking moments from our circle of friends, our love for each other is still there, intact and never faded from memory.
It may be the three of us just now but then the agony of being awake at such an ungodly hour is well worth it.  I miss being with my friends, that’s why I see to it that I had a quality time with them.
So kailan ang next reunion guys??? Dang I miss all of you! Till then… 🙂

I can feel you from here

I had this feeling that I get to share everything that I’m doing with someone every now and then, like waking up early just before the sun rises and having my usual late lunch, making myself too busy with house chores and just slacking off, or being in seclusion all of a sudden, or being melancholic, or just plain hyper…

It’s been crazy for sure to think of this, but my gut feeling tells me that there is.

It can be a certain relative or a random friend, or even someone close to my heart. But the big question is… why?

…or may be is it that I long for this certain feeling for the longest time…

oh hi there dear soulmate (?), I can feel you from here. Pls see me soon. 🙂


Love-hate relationship with Makati

*I created this post last week when i’m still in some random office in Makati, lol!*

As I wait for the receptionist’s call for my interview, I keep myself comfortable at this office lounge area’s couch. I never thought that the company that I applied would be this grand. the lounge itself is like my dream living room, with high ceilings, comfy chairs, glass top tables, with the gorgeous backdrop of the prestigious Makati skyline. the view itself was indeed picturesque, for the office is located between Makati Avenue and Buendia. I’m still torn about working from here (Makati) because of the massive traffic during rush hour and the entire business district being “congested”, but after I heard about the company’s perks and packages (if ever I’ll be accepted), I think I wanna work in here.

I admit that I’m having this love-hate relationship with Makati. I love the sights and sounds of this majestic corporate circle that makes you wanna sing of “concrete jungle where dreams are made of”, but at the same time I hate the thought of working here because of the insane traffic (especially during rush hours), sky high expenses and the confusing buildings. I’m always getting lost in here whenever I went, and I had the worst experience in commuting in and out of the city.

Well, let’s wait and see. Ortigas has been my corporate home for almost six years. Makati sure looks like a promising place… I think I need to give it a try.