This miracle

Earlier today after I went to my interview in Eastwood, I went to Padre Pio chapel to thank the lord for not giving up on me despite the failures and disappointments that I did this past 6 months. I admit that being a freelancer wasn’t that easy, though I’m thankful that it gave me time to reflect and think of what I really wanted to do in my life. And throughout this process I learned a lot from the people around me and I’m thankful for the life-long lessons on love, on running, on taking charge and my passion for arts and freedom.

As I stayed in the chapel for a few minutes, I only prayed for Padre Pio – to have my hearts desires to come true. I may sound too demanding but it means so much to me and to my family.

I’ve been here for quite some time and whenever there’s an opportunity to come to Libis for a scheduled job interview or an upcoming Greentenial race meeting, I see to it that I could drop by to have a minute or two to have my own quiet time with God. It has became my personal resting place, and it never fails me to be at peace after praying to our dear Lord and to Padre Pio’s intercession.

And as I went to the chapel earlier, I wonder if I deserve to ask for Padre Pio’s intercession. I’ve been a mess for quite sometime and I really don’t know what to do. As much as I want to scream because of the more personal things that is happening to me, I was forced to keep mum for I don’t wanna cause anything that might ruin my relationship with my friends and loved ones. I needed help but I don’t know where to start…

And then I stared at the quote from the chapel wall, “If God refuses no one, how can I refuse those seeking my help!” It was like an eye opener, it makes me feel that Padre Pio is telling me that He can help me to get through with this…
And he did.
Surprisingly, two of my prayers has been instantly answered.
And I can only thank you Dear God, and to you Padre Pio for letting me know that you never left my side. Thus, you constantly helped me through this times of need. I love you and I can’t thank you enough for the blessings that you gave to me. Thanks again for everything.

Back on track

I’ve been lost and found, still searching for answers and still wonder on what the future holds for me. For years I know that I’ve been lost track for my original plan is sidetracked because of my dad’s disapproval, financial woes and strict house rules.

As much as I don’t wanna blame them for me (still) having a quarter-life crisis, I’m still thankful for what I am today. I learned so much over these past few years and despite the series of misfortunes that I had since the start of the second half of the year, I still have my friends, loved ones and a part time job that helps me to pay for the internet bills and save for much needed stuff. I sacrificed a lot, putting things on hold and…

I had enough.

I had enough of giving up my dreams in order to give way from others. I had enough of people stopping me from shutting up. I had enough of everyone restricting me on what to do. I’m no longer a child.

And I want this to end.

That is why I want to be on track. And I will start by going back to school (hopefully on Early January), to sing again in the choir, practice on my drawing skills and start on training for more long distance runs.

And so I’ll be sharing this stage once again. Why hello there race track we meet again! Will see you at the finish line! 🙂

(Photo courtesy of Running Photographers)

Keep on singing

I went on choral hiatus for almost a year. And after watching MADZ Et Al 2012 with fellow chorister/runner Gelai, I can’t help but to cry before putting myself to sleep.

I admit that I miss the choir, the music that we shared and my fellow choristers. I miss singing my heart out during rehearsals, competitions, concerts and occasional gigs. I miss having a VIP treatment for us artist backstage, the freebies and the opportunities to meet fellow artists and to learn from master artisans. For almost a year on being in the break from choral singing, this is something that I miss the most.

The music itself.

I don’t like going home late in the evening and coming at the office very late in the morning, not having any time to bond with my friends after working hours and not having any time to help with the house chores. But somehow, during those events wherein I feel like I want to just be in my own phase, it is either I run – or I sing.

And I decided to come back to my love.

So let’s keep on singing guys!

All for the love of Eastwood

Posting this entry before my memories in this place fades away… 

(some random condominium building in Eastwood, Libis)

I went to my friend/boss’ posh studio unit in Eastwood, Libis and stayed for almost a day. It was tiring to commute from Manila going here, and it was a breath of fresh air to see the view of Makati and Ortigas CBD at night, with the fading orange lights from the neighborhood White Plains and Greenmeadows down below. It was nice to see a different side of Eastwood way back.

I first came to Eastwood when I joined the university chorale. We had one of the concerts here to promote the choir’s upcoming farewell tour and to ask for their support as the choir is preparing for the competition held in Europe. I was frightened and nervous, for it was an unfamiliar territory of mine and I’m afraid of being lost back then. I don’t even know how to get there, but it’s a good thing that I get to hitch with my friend/soprano and went there by jeep. 🙂

I’m happy that we had a warm reception from the people who went there to watch us perform. I’m already accustomed to sing in public, receiving warm smiles and appreciation for the job well done. And truth be told, the place was indeed magical especially at night. I enjoy the transition of lights and the beauty of the place, it reminds me of Glorietta, but only much better.

Now years passed and Eastwood has undergone major changes. Condominium buildings arises and so are the malls, office spaces and high end restaurants. I’ve been here several times during my jobhunt days, and until now.

And it was tranquil, serene to see the sunset from the unit’s view. My friend’s place is also very homey for us, with cozy couches and plumpy pillows that is perfect for an afternoon nap after hitting the finish line at one of the races that I joined. I’m also happy that I had a friend who is willing to share this tiny sanctuary with us, and it makes me think of having a condo unit on my own soon, even if my heart sets on having my own house someday.

Besides, it’s more convenient and safe naman eh especially during typhoons (and complete with amenities lol!)

I think I found my place here. Looking forward for more heartwarming stories here. <3

The other side of running

I started running as a leisurely sport in 2010 and I fell in love with it. It was my supermodel friend Isshi who introduced me to the sport as a way to shed some pounds. And it’s definitely more fun to look at the guys with supermodel abs, men with artistahin looks and modelesque girls while running lol!

But seriously, I like the sudden change of scenery whenever I run and and how the wind touches my face as I dashed off along with other runners. It reminds me of my memories in the secluded island while in the company outing, where me and Guia went off on the other side of the island just to get the glimpse of the wonderful sunset view in Potipot. It was indeed tiring but I felt a sense of accomplishment whenever I run.

But few months ago, I learned about the other side of running.

Gelay has introduced me to Animo Events, and they had well-known organized fun runs here and there. Sir Rovic welcomed me to his loving arms (chos!) and leaned on the basics, from flyering on different organized runs, promoting them online, volunteering and leading the team. it was surely tiring but after my first try, it was fulfilling and fun. And aside from its perks (yay for freebies!) I gained new friends and learned from them, for they are more experienced when it comes to running on longer distances.

I’m looking forward for more organized runs and I’m happy to be part of the team. Thank you Sir Rovic for this wonderful opportunity! <3

BTW, here’s the pic from the Midnight Run lol!

(News link from GMA and ABS-CBN: pic from Running Photographers FB)


How to finally move on

It is something that has crossed in my mind these past few weeks. I am happy and contended with my life right now and now enjoying being single. And now I’ve finally moved on, Thank you Lord! 

In every change of scenery, sudden turn of events, failures and heartbreaks, we bursts into tears. it sucks to realize that we fail in this category and it makes us want to go back in time and change everything so that it’ll not happen again.

We cry, curse and hate. We reject everything mushy from everyone who appears to be mushy, and we appreciate every moment of happiness with friends who wants to console you in this hard time of your life. But somehow, friends will not help you completely to heal the wounds, it is YOU who can change this. it is you who can help yourself.

Surely, friends can be a big help in giving you advises, to help you forget the hurt that still crumbles you to bits, but as long as you still linger to the feelings, then the moving on process is useless.

So how to finally move on? it may be as easy as 123, but it’s gonna be a long journey… And this is something that I wanna share to everyone. 🙂

  • Accept the fact that it’s all over. that everything you do to be with that person will only make it worse.
  • Pray. God is there 24/7, He may be silent for now but He’s a good listener. He will definitely gonna help you through this trying times, just wait and see and He will do wonders for you.
  • Travel. See and explore the world. Make this time a way to reflect everything and enjoy the scenery.
  • Find a new hobby. make yourself productive and reach out to others. You will learn something new about yourself and be happy with it.
  • Take time to be alone. Enjoy being single.
  • Be positive. Don’t let other people take you down and don’t be affected by anything negative. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you to be better.
  • Love yourself and love again. Spoil yourself and love. Love your family, your friends and God.

Smile. Be happy and be thankful always for another chance to live again and enjoy life. 🙂

Take time to breathe

(Oh how I miss you Potipot! Thank you for the memories USAP peeps!)

One thing I miss when I’m still a corporate slave is company outings. It is important for everyone to have a break once in a while, to have a sweet escape from the corporate jungle that we’ve been on a daily basis and just be in touch with the nature.

Oh how I miss the sand, the sea and the sun. I miss walking barefoot in the sand, swimming in the cool calming waters and being sunkissed for the whole day. I miss the bright blue sky and being drenched in the scorching heat in the afternoon and the lovely display of sunset in the horizon. I also miss the fresh air that it offers in the province and the company of friends and good food. It doesn’t matter how much you’ll be paying for an overnight stay or a week-long stay outside the capital, as long as you give your body and mind a moment to recharge, then it’ll be worth it.

Hoping to have that sweet escape once again (soon)!